The top 10 wrestling stories of 2020, continued #7

Jan 1, 2021 - by Colin Vassallo


2020 gave us WWE’s best-ever production when it comes to a WWE Network documentary. The five-part Undertaker: The Last Ride was an intimate look at the man behind the legendary gimmick, one of the, if not the best gimmick ever in professional wrestling history.

For 30 long years, The Undertaker kept that curtain down but The Last Ride showed us the real man portraying the character. But why now? Well, as we came to find out, The Undertaker retired in 2020 and received his final farewell at the Survivor Series.

30 years to the exact date when he made his WWF debut, Taker gave us goosebumps one final time with an entrance and an exit fit for a legend and a sure future Hall of Famer. Too bad no fans were in the arena to give this legend the sendoff he deserves.

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