Mistico Tests Positive for COVID-19

Jan 1, 2021 - by James Walsh

CMLL star Mistico has revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19. Mistico, who has been portraying the character since the original Mistico left to go to WWE in 2012, posted to his Instagram account to reveal that he tested positive for the virus. He wrote the following (thanks to Iridian Fierro of WrestFriends for the translation):

“There wasn’t a worse way that I could say bye to the year other than testing positive for COVID-19. Hopefully, these discomforts end soon. God bless you all and take care of yourselves. My friends, this is crazy. Bags under my eyes, headaches, my bones hurt, chills, weight loss. And I want to say to all of my friends, who are checking up on me that I am well. And to my family, I love you for supporting me always. But I will say that I am scared knowing that this virus that has killed many people is now in my body. But I am a fighter and it will not defeat me. It will be one more challenge in my life. A fight vs COVID-19.”

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