La Rosa Negra Sets The Record Straight on The Tessa Blanchard Incident

Dec 31, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


La Rosa Negra has a lot to be thankful for going into the New Year. The Pro Wrestling star has bounced back from being seemingly blackballed three years ago to being the newly crowned World Champion of Mission Pro Wrestling. In an exclusive interview with the Duke Loves Rasslin podcast, La Rosa Negra opens up about Mission Pro Wrestling, family and the highly talked about altercation she had with Tessa Blanchard on a Japanese Wrestling tour back in 2017. Hear once, for all and for the last time exactly what happened both from La Rosa Negra and from her Manager Albert “A.C.” Smooth.
(Full Interview Timestamp : 10min 46 sec to 25 min 48sec)

Isolated Audio of Incident:

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