Brodie Lee was reportedly hospitalized shortly after last AEW match

Dec 28, 2020 - by Staff

Brodie Lee was reportedly hospitalized in the weeks leading up to his passing. As noted, Lee passed away on Saturday at the age of 41, from a non-COVID-19 lung issue, according to a posting by his wife Amanda.

Lee had not been on AEW TV since dropping the TNT Title to Cody Rhodes on the October 7 episode. It was noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that Lee was hospitalized just a few weeks after the match with Cody took place.

It was said that AEW officials were aware of Lee’s condition, and Lee’s wife Amanda had told other people in the company, but they did not want word to get out, so it didn’t get out. Meltzer added that there was a situation where essentially Lee’s lungs were not working, and he had been hospitalized since late October.

After Lee did the title match with Cody, the idea was for him to take a few weeks off, and in the storylines they would’ve explained his absence by saying he took such a brutal beating in the match with Cody. Lee then got sick while he was away. Meltzer noted how after the match Lee did a workout on his peloton bicycle and got really tired, but couldn’t figure out why. He couldn’t finish that workout and a short time later, maybe two weeks or so, is reportedly when everything got bad with his health. Meltzer didn’t have all of the details but said essentially Lee’s lungs stopped working.

Lee reportedly passed away after being treated by doctors at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. His wife Amanda praised the team at The Mayo Clinic in her post on Saturday.

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