Report on creative plans for the Inner Circle vs. Top Flight match from Dynamite

Dec 25, 2020 - by Staff

Chris Jericho apparently vetoed some creative ideas that Top Flight had for last night’s AEW Dynamite opener.

Last night’s Holiday Bash edition of Dynamite opened with Jericho and MJF defeating Top Flight in tag team action. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Top Flight had all kinds of ideas for the match and while they likely were able to do some of them, it was indicated that Jericho had other plans in mind, and they went with those for the most part.

There’s no word on what ideas were nixed, but Meltzer compared this to a situation from more than 20 years ago where Jericho and his tag team partner Lance Storm would have their ideas turned down by veterans, but now the role was reversed, and Top Flight were in Jericho and Storm’s shoes. He likened it to Jericho being in a Nick Bockwinkle role where he is giving advice to talents to slow down and do less.

Below is footage from the MJF and Jericho vs. Top Flight match:

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