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– The WWE TLC Kickoff pre-show opens live from The ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as Charly Caruso welcomes us. She’s joined by Peter Rosenberg, and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Jeff Jarrett. The panel hypes tonight’s matches and Charly sends us to a video package for the WWE Universal Title match. We get more discussion from the panel, and a video package for Carmella vs. Sasha Banks. The panel discusses the match an Jarrett says we have ourselves a showdown. Charly plugs tonight’s RAW Tag Team Titles match and MVP joins the panel from backstage. MVP puts over Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, and talks about Cedric’ re-emergence.

We take another break and come back to a video for tonight’s WWE Title match. The panel talks about the match but The Miz and John Morrison interrupt. They talk about a potential Money In the Bank cash-in by The Miz, and Morrison even warns that the WWE Universal Title may be up for grabs. We get a video for tonight’s WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles match. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth interrupts the panel and does some comedy about how he intends to be the mystery tag team partner for RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. We take another break and now it’s time for the Kickoff match.

Chad Gable, Otis, Daniel Bryan, and Big E vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn, King Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Cesaro

We go to the ring and Michael Cole welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves. Out first comes Daniel Bryan for tonight’s eight-man match. Otis and Chad Gable are out next. Out next comes Big E with his chalk entrance. King Baron Corbin is out first for his team, accompanied by The Knights of The Lone Wolf – Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. Cesaro is out next, followed by Shinsuke Nakamura. They head to the ring together. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn is out last.

Corbin finally starts off with Big E after some trash talking with Sami. They go to the corner and break. Big E rocks Corbin with an elbow but Corbin clotheslines him. Big E ends up slamming Corbin with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cesaro and Gable tag in now. They go to the mat and trade holds. Cesaro with a right hand. Cesaro catches Gable in mid-move but Gable keeps fighting, tossing him with arm drags. Bryan tags in as Gable holds Cesaro’s arm. Bryan comes off the middle rope with an ax handle.

Bryan works Cesaro into the corner now. Bryan with kicks and more focus on the arm. Cesaro tangles with Bryan but Bryan runs and clotheslines him. Cesaro catches a kick. Bryan rolls a submission off and they get back to their feet. Cesaro takes Bryan against the ropes and Nakamura kicks him in the back of the head. Nakamura and Cesaro with some double teaming on Bryan now. Nakamura comes in for a 2 count.

Zayn tags himself in and takes over on Bryan. Sami drops Bryan and taunts the others. Sami keeps talking trash and takes Bryan to the corner. Corbin tags in and decks Bryan while Sami holds him. Corbin works Bryan around and has words with Otis. Corbin ties Bryan in the ropes and works him over. Sami comes in and Big E tries to stop him but he’s backed out. Sami sends Bryan to the corner and Corbin tags right back in. Corbin takes Bryan to the top for a superplex but Bryan headbutts him to the mat and hits a missile dropkick.

Sami runs over and pulls Big E off the apron. Big E chases him but he hops over the barrier and retreats. Big E turn around to a shot from Cesaro. Gable takes Cesaro down. Nakamura and Otis tag in and go at it in the ring. Otis with a splash in the corner to Nakamura. More back and forth now. Gable gets involved but Nakamura ends up dropping them both with big kicks. Cesaro tags in and they hit the big double team kick from the corner and powerbomb. Otis breaks up Cesaro’s pin. Otis sends Nakamura to the floor. Corbin with a Spinebuster to Otis. Bryan with a running knee to Corbin. Cesaro with a huge uppercut to Bryan. Gable rolls Cesaro and then turns it into a big German suplex.

Sami had been hiding but now he’s on the apron to tag in. Gable counters the Blue Thunderbomb and tags in Big E. Sami has no one to tag. Big E grabs Sami but he slides out and hits a big boot. Big E blocks the Helluva Kick with a big Uranage. Big E scoops Sami and hits the Big Ending in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winners: Big E, Daniel Bryan, Otis, Chad Gable

– After the match, the winners celebrate as Big E’s music hits.

– We go back to the panel for a quick discussion on tonight’s Firefly Inferno Match. We see the WWE Title hanging high above the ring as Caruso wraps the TLC Kickoff.

– The 2020 WWE TLC pay-per-view opens up with a video package. We’re live from The ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida as the pyro goes off. Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Samoa Joe and Byron Saxton.

TLC Match for the WWE Title: AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre

We see the WWE Title belt hanging high above the ring as AJ Styles makes his way out with Omos. There are tables, ladders and chairs all over the venue. AJ hits the ring and poses with Omos as we get a video package for this match. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next with his sword. Drew stops and stares at AJ and Omos in the ring, then stabs the sword in the ground as more pyro goes off. Drew marches to the ring.

Drew enters the ring and looks up at the title as more pyro goes off. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. They have some words as the bell hits. AJ charges and goes for the knee. AJ rocks Drew into the corner and unloads with strikes. AJ grabs the leg but Drew kicks him off. AJ with more kicks and punches in the opposite corner now. Drew grabs AJ and slams him for a pop.

Drew with a big chop to drop AJ in the corner. Drew launches AJ across the ring and works him over in the corner, talking trash after knocking him down. Drew with another big chop to the chest, yelling at AJ to get up. Drew whips AJ hard into the opposite corner and he goes down. Drew with another big whip across the ring, staying on top of AJ with stiff strikes. Drew turns and stares out at Omos as the referee checks on AJ.

AJ fights back with a shot to the throat. Drew delivers a big back body drop in the middle of the ring. Drew yells at AJ to get up. He charges but runs into a boot. AJ goes to the second turnbuckle but Drew knocks him off, to the floor on the outside in front of a table and chairs, and a ladder. Drew follows and slams AJ into the announce table head-first. Drew starts throwing chairs into the ring now. He then stands a table over AJ. AJ slowly gets up and Drew slams his face into it. Drew goes for a suplex through the table but AJ blocks in mid-move with a knee to the head. Drew rocks AJ and drops his ribs over the top of the barrier. Drew keeps an eye on Omos and then launches AJ over a table, knocking the chairs off the table. More tension between Drew and Omos at ringside. Drew scoops AJ and drops him face-first into the top of the barrier again.

Drew brings a ladder in and climbs for his title but AJ cuts him off with a chair shot to the leg. AJ with a chair shot over the back while Drew is down. AJ wedges a chair in the corner now, then stops Drew from climbing. Drew blocks a head-first shot into the wedged chair. Drew then catapults AJ into the ladder but he catches hold and climbs up. Drew stops him and goes for a powerbomb into the ladder but AJ rolls down. Drew then catapults AJ head-first into the chair that AJ wedged into the corner. Both are down now. Drew clutches his leg but starts slowly climbing.

AJ launches a chair up at Drew and knocks him off the ladder. AJ rams Drew head-first into the ladder rungs. AJ shoves the ladder over onto Drew while he’s on the mat. AJ continues to take his time and nails an enziguri while Drew is on his knees. AJ calls for the Styles Clash into a ladder but Drew fights out and hits a Futureshock DDT into the mat. Drew goes down clutching his knee as fans pop for him. Drew lifts a ladder and throws it at AJ but he moves out of the way for the most part. AJ hits Drew in his knee and then takes him down with a chop block.

AJ works on the leg now and uses the ladder to apply a modified Calf Crusher. AJ breaks it and talks some trash and looking up at the title now. AJ stomps on Drew as fans boo. AJ grabs a chair and smacks Drew’s hurt left leg with it while he’s down. AJ with more chair shots to the leg. AJ with another modified Calf Crusher using the ladder. Drew crawls and drags them to a ladder, slamming AJ’s head back into it to break the hold. AJ stands up with a ladder but Drew grabs it and rams AJ back into the corner. AJ goes down but is standing on the floor now, slamming Drew’s leg and wrapping it around the ring post. Drew gets up on the floor but AJ rams a ladder into his head and he goes back down.

AJ places Drew on a table at ringside. AJ has a ladder leaning in the corner. He walks up it to the top rope but Drew throws a chair at his head, knocking him to the mat. Drew throws a table in the ring and slaps his own leg to wake it up. Drew stands the table up in the corner but AJ approaches. Drew drops him with a back elbow. AJ with a drop toe hold into a corner of the ladder. AJ ends up kicking a table into Drew’s knee. AJ leaps with a forearm but Drew catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex into the leaning ladder in the corner.

AJ fights back from the apron now. He nails the Phenomenal Forearm and they’re both down now. Omos briefly assists with a ladder. AJ stands a ladder up in the ring and climbs for the title now. AJ reaches for the title but here comes Drew. Drew grabs AJ and presses him off the ladder, over the top rope and through a table at ringside. AJ lands hard. Drew climbs a ladder in the middle of the ring now as fans cheer him on. The Miz runs down and attacks, powerbombing Drew off the ladder through a table. John Morrison is right behind him with the Money In the Bank briefcase. They care cashing in. It’s announced that this is now a Triple Threat.

Miz starts climbing for the title. Here comes Omos. Omos grabs Miz from behind and pulls him off the ladder. Omos walks with Miz and tosses him over the top rope, through a table at ringside. Morrison with a big chair shot over the back of Omos in the ring. The chair just bends and breaks. Omos is upset, not hurt. Omos stares Morrison down and stalks him. Morrison retreats to the floor. Morrison grabs another chair but falls on the ramp while backing up. Omos is still stalking him up the ramp. Miz, Drew and AJ are all down at ringside or in the ring now as we see the title hanging high above the ring.

AJ returns to the ring as Drew starts getting up, begging his knee to work right. AJ positions a ladder but Drew is having trouble getting to his feet. Drew and AJ start climbing a ladder now, Drew hopping up the ladder. Drew grabs it but AJ hits his knee. Drew with right hands on top of the ladder. Miz comes back in the ring and stands up a second ladder next to their ladder. Miz climbs and grabs the ladder but Drew hits him. Drew knocks AJ to the mat. Miz fights Drew back. Drew sends Miz to the mat.

Drew grabs the title but AJ springboards onto the ladder. AJ is back in it now. Miz helps bring Drew to the mat. Miz and AJ are trading shots up high on the ladder now. Drew uses Miz’s original adder to shove them over. AJ lands hard and falls to the floor. Drew with a big Claymore Kick to Miz. Drew re-positions a ladder and climbs as fans pop. Drew hops up the ladder with his bad leg, and retrieves the belt to retain for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the match, Drew raises the WWE Title belt high up on the ladder as fans cheer him on and his music hits. We go to replays. Drew continues his celebration.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with Paul Heyman. He talks about tonight’s WWE Universal Title match and says he likes the destruction and car crashes of WWE. He goes on and says someone will get hurt tonight and that someone is Kevin Owens, at the hands of our Tribal Chief. That’s a spoiler.

– We get a video package for the next match.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Carmella vs. Sasha Banks

We go back to the ring and out first comes Carmella. SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks is out next. Greg Hamilton does formal ring introductions.

The bell hits and Banks charges but Carmella rolls to the floor to stall. Banks attacks as Carmella comes back in but she turns it around. Carmella taunts her while keeping her down. Banks ends up turning it around on the floor on the other side of the ring. Banks brings it back in for a 2 count. The trash talking continues as Carmella takes a shot at the face.

Carmella gets sent out but her sommelier Reginald catches her. Banks flies out but misses. The sommelier assists and Carmella drops Banks, then sends her into the steel steps. Carmella brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Carmella stomps away in the corner while Banks is down now. Carmella with a quick Bronco Buster for a 2 count. Carmella grounds Banks in the middle of the ring and talks trash but the crowd tries to rally. Banks rams Carmella back into the turnbuckles to break it. Banks with a Meteora in the middle of the ring for a 2 count.

Carmella avoids a Backstabber on the apron, then slams Banks by her hair on the edge of the apron. Banks falls to the floor. Carmella keeps control and brings it back in for a 2 count. Carmella goes right into a submission with her knee into Banks’ back. Banks finally gets an opening with a backbreaker. Banks looks to attack but drops Carmella with a big kick. Banks with knees in the corner and a suplex. Banks holds it for the Three Amigos tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.

Banks drags Carmella over and then goes to the top. Banks goes up and hits the Frogsplash for a 2 count. Banks can’t believe Carmella kicked out. Banks with some trash talking now. She grabs from behind but Carmella rams her back into the corner. Carmella beats Banks down with back elbows. Carmella walks right into a big shot to the jaw. Banks leaps off the top but has to roll through. They tangle and Carmella spikes Banks hard into the mat face-first with a Facebuster. Banks still kicks out at 2. Banks kicks out of another quick pin attempt, and another. Carmella can’t believe it.

Carmella sends Banks into the middle turnbuckle and then uses the ropes for the submission as the referee counts to 5. Carmella gets slapped in the face while Banks is down. Carmella responds with a flurry of strikes. Carmella with a superkick while standing on the floor. She comes back in for the pin but Banks grabs the bottom rope to break it. Banks sends Carmella face-first into the turnbuckles off a counter. Carmella rolls her for a 2 count. Banks with another shot into the turnbuckles. Banks looks for a big move from the top but Carmella fights back. Carmella climbs up and hits the Frankensteiner but Banks turns it into a roll-up for 2. Carmella rolls Banks for 2 now. Banks with the back slide for a close 2 count. They try each other with more pin attempts in the middle of the ring. Carmella with the Code of Silence submission now.

Banks counters and goes for the Bank Statement. Carmella goes into a double Chicken Wing. Banks forces Carmella to break. Carmella is frustrated as Banks tries to recover in the corner. Carmella misses a Bronco Buster as Banks moves. Banks goes on and applies the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring now. Reginald interferes again, pulling Carmella out of the ring to safety as fans boo. Banks leaps off the apron with a Meteora to Reginald. Banks turns around to a superkick from Carmella, and another. Carmella brings it back into the ring but Banks kicks out at 2. Carmella can’t believe it.

Carmella yells in Banks’ face now, then starts slapping and pounding on her out of frustration. Banks blocks the Facebuster and applies the Bank Statement. Carmella taps out this time.

Winner: Sasha Banks

– After the match, Banks sits up and smiles as the music hits and the referee hands her the title. Banks raises the title in the middle of the ring as we go to replays. An upset Carmella sells the submission from ringside as Banks raises the title on the ramp, making her exit.

– Asuka is backstage warming up when Billie Kay approaches and makes her pitch to be Asuka’s partner for tonight. Asuka decides that Billie is not ready for her.

RAW Tag Team Titles Match: The Hurt Business vs. The New Day

We go back to the ring and out comes The Hurt Business – Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin with MVP. RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day are quickly interviewed by Sarah Schreiber in the back and they are ready to go. We go back to the arena and The Hurt Business looks on as Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods hit the ring.

The Hurt Business huddles after the bail but Cedric immediately charges and Kofi levels him with a right hand for a quick pin. Woods tags in and hits a flying leg drop to Cedric for another early pin attempt. MVP is yelling from ringside. Kofi tags back in and nails a crossbody for another close but early 2 count. Woods tags back in as The New Day double teams Cedric again. Woods with a big slam to drop Cedric on his head. Shelton runs in to break the pin up. Cedric kicks Wood away and in comes Shelton.

Shelton levels Woods with a clothesline. Shelton with a suplex for a quick pin attempt. MVP offers Cedric some water at ringside as he tries to recover on the floor. Benjamin with a big Spinebuster to Woods for a 2 count. Woods and Shelton run the ropes. Woods hits a big forearm. Woods drops Shelton into the ropes and leaps on his back, kicking Cedric on the floor. Kofi tagged in and hits a missile dropkick to Benjamin for a 2 count. Woods and Cedric fight on the outside. Kofi joins in. Woods tags in and levels Shelton with a dropkick for a 2 count. Woods chops Shelton but Shelton turns it around in the corner. Shelton launches Woods into the bottom turnbuckle.

Cedric kicks Woods from the apron and brings it back in for 2. Cedric grounds Woods now. Shelton tags back in and takes over on Woods, working on his arm and shoulder. Cedric tags in and takes over on Woods. Cedric goes for the Neuralyzer but Woods kicks him in mid-air. Kofi tags in and unloads on Shelton as he comes in. Kofi with a dropkick as fans rally. Kofi with a big right hand to keep Shelton down. Kofi kicks Cedric off the apron to the floor. Kofi goes for a Boom Drop but Shelton catches him and holds him. Cedric tags in and goes to the top. Cedric leaps to knock Kofi off Shelton’s shoulders but Kofi escapes. Kofi goes on and hits SOS on Cedric for a close 2 count.

MVP is frustrated at ringside. Cedric avoids a Trouble In Paradise and they tangle. Cedric with a big knee strike and a Brainbuster for a close 2 count as Woods breaks it up. Shelton comes in and fights with Woods. Shelton with a big boot. Cedric with the Neuralyzer to Woods. Benjamin with a Paydirt to Woods, sending him to the floor. MVP barks orders as Shelton tags back in. Kofi blocks an Olympic Slam and dropkicks Shelton. Kofi kicks Cedric off the apron. Shelton runs into a kick from Kofi in the corner.

Kofi goes to the top but Shelton rocks him and climbs up. Kofi and Shelton tangle. Benjamin runs back up and hits a big superplex. Benjamin waits for Kofi to get up so he can put him away. Cedric tags himself in, runs over and drops Kofi with a Lumbar Check for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: The Hurt Business

– After the bell, Shelton looks a bit annoyed as the music hits. MVP runs over and grabs the titles, then brings them in to Cedric and Shelton. They head to the ramp to celebrate as WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley joins them. We go to replays. The Hurt Business celebrates on the stage with all their gold as The New Day looks on from ringside.

– We get a plug for the Royal Rumble and the Slammy Awards.

– We get a replay of the Sami Awards on SmackDown with WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn and Big E crashing them. We also hear the leaked audio from Kayla Braxton, of Sami spoofing the recent leaked Tom Cruise audio. Sami confronts Kayla in the back and wants to know who leaked the audio. She refuses to tell him because journalists don’t reveal their sources.

– We get a video package showing what led to Lana being pulled from tonight’s WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles match.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles Match: Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

We go back to the ring and out first are WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Tom talks about injuries Lana suffered on RAW. Out next is RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. The pyro hits as Asuka heads to the ring to wait for her mystery partner. The music hits and out comes Charlotte Flair making her big return to replace Lana. The crowd pops and Flair is all smiles. The champs are shocked.

Baszler and Asuka start things off, going to the mat and trading holds. Baszler with big kicks. Asuka ducks the third strike and delivers kicks of her own. Baszler catches one but they go back to the mat with counters. Baszler goes to stomp on the arm but Asuka escapes. Flair tags in for a pop. They tangle and Baszler and Flair have words. Jax tags in and argues with Flair. Jax takes it to the corner but misses a splash. Flair with a headlock. They collide with shoulders in the middle of the ring. Flair kicks Jax and applies a headlock, tagging in Asuka for a quick double team.

Asuka and Jax trade offense now. Asuka with the double knees. Jax grabs Asuka off the top and blocks a sunset flip. Jax with a headbutt. Jax sends Asuka shoulder-first into the ring post. Baszler tags in and they double team Asuka, focusing on the left arm. Baszler grounds Asuka and twists her arm around. Asuka tries to fight back but gets clotheslined then sent to the corner, and out into the barrier eventually. Jax and Baszler continue to dominate Asuka. Asuka and Baszler go at it. Asuka looks to capitalize but Baszler drops her for a 2 count.

Jax is legal now as Asuka goes to the floor to recover. Jax tries to send Asuka into the ring post but she slides out and hits a spinning back fist. Asuka continues fighting Jax off in the ring. Asuka goes to tag but Baszler pulls Flair off to the floor. Flair fights her off and tags in. Flair unloads on Jax with chops now as we see WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair watching in the back.

Flair with a running big boot to Jax’s face. Baszler runs in but Flair stops her and launches her with a suplex. Flair kips up for a pop. Flair with a forearm to Jax in the corner, then a big stomp to the knee. Flair levels Jax for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Baszler tries to pull Jax to safety but Asuka cuts her off on the outside. Flair goes to the top and hits a huge moonsault to the floor, taking both champions down. Flair brings Jax back in the ring.

Jax kicks Flair’s Figure Four attempt off. Jax scoops Flair for a Samoan Drop but she fights out. Jax doesn’t see the tag but she hits Flair with the Samoan Drop. Asuka with a missile dropkick to Jax. Baszler tags in and goes at it with Asuka. Asuka fights off the Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler resists the Asuka Lock and applies the Clutch. Flair tags in and sends Baszler down after a backbreaker and shot into the corner. Flair knocks Jax off with a big boot. Baszler rolls Flair for a 2 count. Flair with the Figure Four on Baszler now. Flair bridges into the Figure Eight but Jax breaks it up. Asuka drops Jax at ringside. Baszler with the Kirifuda Clutch on Flair. Flair turns it into a 2 count. Flair with Natural Selection to Baszler for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka

– After the match, we see The Nature Boy watching in the back and he’s all smiles. Flair and Asuka stand tall together in the middle of the ring as fans cheer them on. Flair’s music hits and they hit the corners to pose.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn catches Big E and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth laughing about the leaked audio in the back. Sami knew it was Big E who leaked it. He denies this but they have words. Sami starts insulting Big E and Big E gets upset. Big E threatens Sami, promising that he will see him very soon.

– We get a video package for the next match.

TLC Match for the WWE Universal Title: Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns

We go back to the ring and see the area filled with tables, ladders and chairs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is out first with Paul Heyman. Reigns poses on the ramp as the pyro goes off. Reigns enters the ring and more pyro goes off. He hands the title belt to the referee and it’s raised above the ring.

Owens suddenly attacks Reigns as the belt is being raised up. Owens destroys Reigns and sends him to the corner. Owens with a big corner cannonball. Owens brings it to the floor and launches Reigns into the barrier, then delivers another cannonball as fans continue to go wild for him. Owens drops Reigns on the floor again, then hits a big Frogsplash off the apron. Reigns gasps for air.

Owens comes back in but here comes Jey Uso to attack. Owens is ready for hm. The steel ring steps and a chair come into play at ringside. Owens with chair shots to Jey to take him out. Owens with another chair shot to Reigns while he’s down. Jey attacks Owens again but a big chair shot to his foot mid-superkick sends him down. Owens with more chair shots to Jey. Owens places the chair over Jey’s ankle and stomps on it, taking him out.

Owens keeps control until Reigns nails a big Drive By on the apron. Reigns takes the top off the announce table and drives it into Owens while he’s down. We see Jey being helped to the back by officials. Reigns brings half of the steps over and drives them in Owens’ face, twice. Reigns then drives the steps into Owens several times while he’s down. There’s chaos all over the ringside area and Heyman is still shocked at the brutality.

They bring it in and Reigns drives a mini-ladder into Owens. Owens tries to fight back but Reigns keeps driving the ladder into him, even when he’s down. Reigns brings chairs in and keeps using them. Owens tries to swing a chair while he’s down but Reigns drives more chair shots down into him. Owens gets to his feet and they trade shots. Reigns can’t scoop Owens on his shoulders as Owens keeps fighting. Reigns blocks Owens and back-drops him onto two chairs facing each other. Reigns tosses Owens back to the floor.

Reigns positions a ladder and starts climbing but Owens takes him back down with chair shots. Owens stands a chair up and slams Reigns onto it with a Fisherman’s suplex. Reigns rolls around in pain and Heyman can’t believe it. Owens talks some trash as fans cheer. Owens climbs for the title now and makes it to the top. Jey runs back in and pulls Owens off. Owens fights back but here comes Reigns with a Superman Punch. Uso stands a table up at ringside and slides another in to Reigns. Reigns has a tall ladder pushed over in a corner. Reigns pulls the legs of a table out and leans that table up in another corner.

Jey is in the ring now. Reigns sends Owens into a kick from Uso but Owens fights them both off. Owens with a superkick to Uso and a Stunner to Reigns. Reigns and Uso both roll to the floor on their backs. Owens slowly positions a ladder under the title as he’s hurting. Uso pulls Owens to the floor and fights him but Owens gets the upperhand. Owens puts Uso through the announce table with a big Pop-Up Powerbomb. Owens buries Uso under a bunch of debris.

Owens comes back in and goes for the title. He touches the title but Reigns runs in and stops him. Reigns climbs up while trading shots. Reigns pulls Owens off the ladder and keeps punching. Reigns catches a superkick and powerbombs Owens onto the mini-ladder that was laying into the corner. Reigns then lifts Owens and slams him on the ladder again. They both end up on the floor, Owens on his back. Owens chokeslams Owens through a table that has two chairs on top of it.

Reigns continues to dominate at ringside. Reigns puts Owens through another table with a big Samoan Drop. Reigns takes his time in coming back into the ring. Reigns climbs up for the title but here comes Owens, barely able to stand and barely able to hold onto the ladder with one arm. Reigns laughs at Owens and can’t believe that he’s still fighting. Reigns comes down off the ladder and talks some trash, smacking Owens around. Owens with a big slap to the face. Reigns responds by nailing an aggressive Spear through a table that was leaning in the apron. Owens is out, Reigns is down clutching his shoulder.

Owens rolls away from the table debris in the corner, falling out to the floor at ringside. Reigns goes out and delivers a big Spear but Owens moves and Reigns crashes through the barrier. Owens goes back in and starts pulling himself up the ladder. Reigns pulls him down and sends him into the ladder, knocking it over into the ropes. Owens nails two superkicks to stun Reigns. Owens goes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb but Reigns hits a Superman Punch on the way down. Owens tries again and this time puts Reigns through a table with the Pop-Up Powerbomb. Reigns stumbles out to the floor.

Owens climbs for the title but here comes Uso. Owens fights him and takes him out with a Stunner. Owens climbs back up and has his fingers on the title but here comes Reigns. Reigns with a low blow. Reigns with the Guillotine on top of the ladder now as fans boo. Reigns lets go and Owens falls to the mat. Reigns finally retrieves the title to win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

– After the match, Reigns grabs the title and raises it as his music hits. Reigns comes down to join Uso and Heyman as we go to replays. A disappointed and destroyed Owens is sitting up on the floor at ringside. Reigns stands tall with the title as we go to a break.

– Back from a break and Big E vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn is announced for SmackDown.

– The announcers send us to a video package for tonight’s main event.

Firefly Inferno Match: Randy Orton vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

We go back to the arena and Mike Rome is in the ring with the rules. The only way to win the first-ever Firefly Inferno Match is to light any part of your opponent on fire. Out first comes Randy Orton wearing street clothes. Orton hits the corner to pose as the pyro goes off. The Firefly Fun House music starts up next. We see Orton waiting in the ring as the virtual crowd starts to shut down. The lights now go down and the arena is black. The red lights come up as the unique entrance of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt begins. The Fiend heads to the ring with his head lantern as Orton seethes in the ring.

The bell rings and the lights come back up as they stare each other down. Fiend plays games with Orton and laughs at him to start. Orton keeps punching but Fiend just laughs. Fiend blocks the RKO and goes to work on Orton, beating him down and unloading in the corner. Fiend with a headbutt and more offense. Orton blocks Sister Abigail and nails a dropkick.

Fiend takes back control and rakes Orton’s face over the top rope. They run the ropes and Fiend launches himself for the crossbody. Orton fights out of Sister Abigail again, turning it into a backbreaker. They go on and the flames start shooting up from the ringside area. The Firefly Inferno has begun.

They go to the floor as Fiend continues to dominate Orton. There are also flames all around the other side of the barrier. Fiend tries to put Orton in the flames but he fights him off. Fiend drops Orton at ringside and the flames shoot up. Fiend grabs a strap and starts whipping Orton with it at ringside. Fiend catches the strap on fire now as fans pop. He charges and swings but Orton moves. Orton fights Fiend off and tries to burn him with flames that are next to the announce table. Fiend blocks it and sends him into the ring post.

Fiend grabs a pick axe from under the ring and swings it but Orton dodges it. Fiend goes back to work on Orton and sends him into the ring post. Fiend brings the Wyatt rocking chair over and douses it in gasoline. He then pours a trail of gas from the chair to Orton. Fiend tries to toss Orton into barrier flames and then sends him into the steel steps again. Fiend places Orton in the rocking chair now. Fiend walks over to the gasoline trail and pulls out a lighter. He lights the trail and it leads to the chair but Orton jumps out of the chair before it can ignite him. Fiend just laughs.

Orton attacks with half of the steel steps and then the axe handle. Orton drives the steps into Fiend’s face again, and again as flames shoot up from the barrier. Orton pulls out a chain and wraps it around his fist, punishing Fiend with it. Orton wraps the chain around Fiend’s neck and tries to push him into the flames but Fiend escapes. Fiend returns to the ring and Orton follows with the chain. Fiend drops him in the middle of the ring with a big Uranage.

Fiend approaches Orton and snaps his neck. Fiend tosses Orton back to the floor. Fiend lights the axe handle on fire and swings it but Orton avoids it and decks Fiend. Orton with the draping DDT from the apron to the floor. Orton pounds the ground to signal for the RKO. Fiend slowly gets up. Fiend blocks the RKO and applies the Mandible Claw.

Fiend tries to push Orton back into the flames. Orton turns it around and tries to push Fiend in the flames. Fiend’s jacket catches on fire, as do his pants. Orton returns to the ring as Fiend is on fire at ringside.

Winner: Randy Orton

– After the win, The Fiend runs back into the ring, right at Orton while he’s on fire. Orton drops him with the RKO. Fiend is laying face-down now as the flames on his body start to go out. The flames around the ringside area are still going. Orton rolls Fiend over with his boot and looks a bit disturbed at what has happened. Orton rolls to the floor and grabs the can of gasoline now.

Orton returns to the ring and pours gasoline over The Fiend. He then strikes a match and hold sit over Fiend, letting it burn. Orton finally drops the match and The Fiend’s entire body goes up in flames. The flames all around the ringside area start shooting up in the air, over and over. Orton rolls out of the ring and stands at ringside as the flames keep shooting up. The Fiend’s body burns in the middle of the ring. Orton does his signature pose while the flames rage as WWE TLC goes off the air.

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