WWE Reportedly Asks Writers to Name Underused Talents That Can Shine

Dec 16, 2020 - by James Walsh

WWE is reportedly seeking some feedback from its writing staff about which members of the roster aren’t being used to the extent they could be, with some names popping up on nearly all lists. According to WrestleVotes, a group within the creative team were asked to list underused talents that they felt could do well if they had the opportunity to do so.

According to the account, there was a wide variance on the names given, though nearly all of them included five names in Cesaro, Angel Garza, Chad Gable, Carmella, and Peyton Royce.

It’s not clear when this apparently happened, as Carmella is currently in a title feud with Sasha Banks on Smackdown. As for the rest, Royce is in a mini-storyline with Lacey Evans on Raw while Garza has been appearing in vignettes talking about a secret admirer. Gable has abandoned his Shorty G persona but hasn’t been used much since, while Cesaro is tagging with Shinsuke Nakamura on Friday nights.

Recently a group of writers were asked to make a list of underutilized talents they felt could shine if given the proper opportunity. Those lists ranged wide, but nearly ALL of them included: Cesaro, Angel Garza, Chad Gable, Carmella & Peyton Royce.

— WrestleVotes

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