New report on possible WrestleMania plans for Roman Reigns

Dec 11, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

It was reported this week, via @Wrestlevotes, that WWE has three matches in the works for WrestleMania 37 – WWE Hall of Famer vs. WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Randy Orton vs. WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and Brock Lesnar vs. Keith Lee vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that as of right now in December, there is currently no name on the books for Reigns. It was acknowledged that some note this is “mind-boggling” since in past years, much of the WrestleMania card would be done and all booking on TV and pay-per-view would be based on leading in that direction.

It was also noted by the Observer that McIntyre vs. Reigns is still very much a possibility for WrestleMania, which also means Drew’s match isn’t locked in. The only thing confirmed as of now, which was also reported by Ringside News, is that The Rock is not scheduled for WrestleMania 37.

Rock has reportedly talked about possibly doing a match with Reigns in 2022, but that’s along way away, and Rock will be 49 by then.

Daniel Bryan and McIntyre are said to be the two most likely names for Reigns’ WrestleMania opponent as of now. Bryan vs. Reigns was originally talked about for TLC, but WWE went with Kevin Owens instead. Big E is not being considered.

Regarding Goldberg vs. Reigns, as of last week he was reportedly not high on the list of candidates, according to the Observer, but it’s possible that he as even higher on the list than people in creative were aware of due to his appearance on The Bump this past Wednesday, where he called Reigns out.

There’s a feeling that Bryan has the ability to do incredible promos if put in a situation like this, and that he and Reigns can have a classic match. However, Bryan vs. Reigns at the Royal Rumble an then Goldberg vs. Reigns at WrestleMania would allow WWE to have the dream match at WrestleMania that has never been done, which they like to do.

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