Ruby Raze

Dec 6, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Gina Hernandez
Height: 5’9″
Date of Birth: January 12, 1979
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Pro Debut: 2011
Trained By: Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Finishing Move: Soul Eater


– Ruby also uses the ring names Raze & Venomous.
– September 8, 2012, Raze competed in the Luna Vachon Memorial Lunacy Cup ’12 Vendetta Vixxens Battle Royal.
– September 13, 2013, Raze competed in the 3rd Annual Luna Vachon Memorial Battle Royal.
– September 28th, Raze lost to Kurai Hime in the first round of the AWS 3rd Annual Women’s Tournament.
– November 8th, Raze competed in the APW Open Rumble.
– May 2nd, Raze won the Flashback Battle Royal at the SBW 5th Annual Dynamite D Memorial Show.
– July 11th, Raze defeated Kikyo Nakamura at SBW Fan Appreciation Night.
– August 16th, Raze defeated Sage Sin at Vendetta Pro Summertime Bruise.
– September 12th, Raze won the Luna Vachon Memorial Cup Royal Rumble.
– January 17, 2015, Raze defeated Shelly Martinez at SBW Bad Dude Beatdown.
– January 24th, Raze lost to Kahmora in the first round of the AWS/WCA Race for the Ring Women’s Tournament 2.
– March 21st, Raze lost to LuFisto at the AWS 13th Anniversary Show.
– April 25th, Raze challenged Willie Mack for the AWS Heavyweight Title.
– July 12th, Raze defeated Kitana Vera at OCCW The American Dream.
– July 25th, Raze defeated Candice LeRae at AWS Summer Heat 6.
– September 25th, Raze challenged BC Killer for the SBW Submission Title.
– November 7th, Raze competed in the final 4-Way of the APW Young Lions Cup ’15.
– November 28th, Raze defeated Kahmora for the vacant PREMIER Women’s Title.
– December 6th, Raze challenged Thunder Rosa for the GRPW Lady Luck Title.
– January 31, 2016, Raze competed in a 3-Way for the AOW Women’s Title.
– March 6th, Raze defended the PREMIER Women’s Title against Nicole Savoy.
– June 24th, Raze competed in a 3-Way for the GRPW Lady Luck Title.
– July 15th, Raze defeated Beatrice Domino for the vacant BTW Women’s Title.
– July 17th, Raze lost the PREMIER Women’s Title to Shayna Baszler.
– August 12th, Raze lost the BTW Women’s Title to Beatrice Domino.
– August 24th, Raze defeated Joey Ryan at SBW Go-Go Lucha.
– August 27th, Raze & Tyler Bateman lost to JR Kratos & Nicole Savoy in the semi-finals of the GRPW Golden Thrones Tournament.
– January 27, 2017, Raze defeated Hawlee Layne at RISE 2.
– February 25th, Raze defeated Datura for the OWA Women’s Title.
– May 27th, Raze defeated LuFisto to win the AWS Women’s Tournament.
– June 25th, Raze competed in the CWFH Red Carpet Rumble ’17.
– July 8th, Raze defeated B-Boy for the FIST Combat Title.
– August 11th, Raze defended the FIST Combat Title against Ray Rosas.
– September 9th, Raze lost to Tyler Bateman in the finals of the FIST SoCal Strong Style Tournament.
– September 22nd, Raze competed in a 3-Way for the SBW Title.
– October 27th, Raze retained the FIST Heavyweight Title against Che Cabrera.
– October 31st, Raze lost to Tyler Bateman in a Loser Leaves SBW match.
– March 23, 2018, Raze defeated Ray Rosas for the MPW Heavyweight Title.
– July 19th, Raze defeated Ron McDonald for the FIST Get FIST’d Television Title.
– August 16th, Raze defended the title against Dirty Doug.
– September 22nd, Raze challenged Cheerleader Melissa for the AWS Women’s Title.
– November 12th, Raze lost to Jordynne Grace on Impact Wrestling.
– December 8th, Raze lost to Tyler Bateman in the first round of the Ground Zero Title Tournament.
– December 20th, Raze lost the Get FIST’d Television Title to D’Marco Wilson.
– January 4, 2019, Raze challenged Allie Gato for the LLL Women’s Title.
– February 23rd, Raze & IamThePROVIDER lost to Delilah Doom & Caleb Crush in the finals of the LLL Intergender Tag Team Tournament.
– March 16th, Raze defeated Eric Watts on LAL Episode IV.
– March 23rd, Raze & Vipress defeated Violet Payne & Viva Van at the AWS 17th Anniversary Show.
– July 20th, Raze challenged Jake Atlas in a No DQ match for the SBW Title.
– July 27th, Raze defeated Shotzi Blackheart for the AWS Women’s Title.
– July 28th, Raze challenged Chris Kadillak for the GCF SoCal Title.
– September 21st, Raze defended the AWS Women’s Title against Nurse Ratchet.
– November 2nd, Raze defeated Nevaeh on SHIMMER Vol. 115.
– November 27th, Raze won the Rogue Tournament by winning a 3-Way.
– December 14th, Raze defeated Aleyah Mia Garcia for the EBPW Ladies Title.
– January 4, 2020, Raze won a #1 Contendership Battle Royal for the SBW Submission Title.
– January 10th, Raze defeated Sumie Sakai for the PCW ULTRA Women’s Title.
– February 8th, Raze retained the EBPW Ladies Title against Kimmy Shellhammer.
– September 29th, Raze defeated Cece Chanel on UWN Primetime Live.
– October 31st, Raze won a 3-Way at Canna Pro Happy Halloween.

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