Fit Finlay resumes role as WWE producer

Nov 28, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Fit Finlay, the WWE producer who was furloughed back in April, has resumed his duties with the promotion, joining Shane Helms who also returned to work this week.

Finlay’s furlough, due to coronavirus cost-cutting measures, was a big surprise back in April as he was considered to be one of the leading individuals backstage in that department, especially when it comes to women’s wrestling.

The 62-year-old returned to WWE in 2012, a year after he was fired due to a bad judgment call at a non-televised live event. In March of 2011, Finlay was in charge of a house show when he gave the go-ahead to The Miz to interrupt the U.S. national anthem, drawing anger from members of the military who were in attendance.

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