Lana Opens Up About Struggle With Depression And Getting Hatred Online

Nov 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

In the new WWE Chronicle special that dropped today, Lana spoke about her struggle with depression and how she dealt with toxic fans leaving negative comments about her online. Here are highlights, via Fightful:

On her struggle with mental illness: “It’s been really hard. Not having 300 days on the road, being at home, then all of a sudden no fans. Then, of course, like being with the person from the very beginning, like traveling with that person, being literally 24/7, being with that person and then that person is not there, it’s really hard. I don’t even know how sometimes I keep on pushing through.”

On the toxic fans she encountered online: “For me, what was really, really hard was, usually going to arenas and people boo you, it’s something about the energy, you’re like, ‘oh, I’m in control of this,’ right? But then when all of a sudden I don’t interact with any people whatsoever and I’m just at home and I post something and everyone is just so mean. I couldn’t handle it anymore, because that’s like my only interaction with human beings is my Instagram account or Twitter, and now everyone in comments are like, ‘you should be fired. Why are you not fired? You suck. You’re this. You’re that.’ I remember, texting my parents and being like,’ please pray for me, my mental health is doing really bad, I’m really depressed. I just — I can’t take it anymore. I’m just… I’m so sad. Like, I don’t want to do anything.’ Like, why even try? Why? It doesn’t matter. You work hard. You do this like you can’t post because everyone is going to tell you to go jump off a cliff and kill yourself and like you’re worth nothing. So it’s like, well, why?’”

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