Impact Report, 11/17/20

Nov 17, 2020 - by Scott Porter

The show begins with a recap of Turning Point.  Deonna Purrazzo and The Good Brothers won championships on the card.  Joe Doring made his debut and Rich Swann retained the Impact World Championship.  The vignette showed highlights of those matches.

Match 1.  Moose (TNA World Heavyweight Champion) VS Willie Mack (No DQ return match)

The two charge each other to begin the match and Willie gains the early advantage.  He is all over Moose inside and outside the ring.  Once outside, Mack slams Moose twice into the ring post.  However, Moose backdrops Mack over the barricade where Mack landed hard on the floor.  Moose continues to use the barricade as a weapon, tossing Willie into it several times.

Finally the match gets back in the ring.  Moose uses a rear chin lock for a bit, then hits a drop kick of an Irish whip.   Moose has really become a much more patient competitor.  His story telling skills have just gone to another level in the last few months.  He methodically stomps and punches on Mack for several minutes, while talking down to Mack.

Willie avoids two shoulders to the corner.  Moose feels it after the second miss.  They stumble to the center of the ring and begin to trade punches.  Mack begins to win the battle.  Willie hits the Samoan Drop/ Moonsault combo for a count of two.  Big time slam by Mack, then he heads to the top, but misses the 6 star frog splash.  Moose walks into a stunner, but shakes it off and hits a spear.  Moose starts throwing forearms and back elbows repeatedly until Mack passes out.  The ref calls for the bell.  He doesn’t stop until long after the bell.

Winner and still TNA World Champion, Moose

Josh Mathews and Madison set up the card tonight.  The first match of the Knockouts Tag Tournament to determine the tag champs will happen tonight.  The Rascalz will say goodbye to Impact tonight.

The Rascalz are shown in the Tree House.  The relive some of their memorable moments with some of their guests.

Detective Dreamer says he is narrowing down his suspects.  He tells Jake that his Cousin Cody is a suspect.  Cody tells Tommy to check Johnny Swingers fanny pack.

Match 2.  Suicide VS Gio

Gio is a newcomer.  He and Suicide exchange a few whips and arm drags, when out comes Joe Doring with Eric Young.  Doring is a former All Japan Triple Crown Winner.  Joe steps right in the ring and takes out Gio and Suicide.  Doring levels everything in site.  EY grabs the mic and says the world doesn’t belong to you.. it belongs to us.

No Contest

Deonna and Kimber are interviewed by Gia backstage.  Deonna is holding her belt.  She expresses how great it is to be a two time champion.  Kimber says it is her turn for gold now and the twosome will challenge for the Knockouts tag belts.  Just then the room begins to shake.. the camera view becomes blurry, once back, a cryptic message stating, Next Week Ur Time Haz COME.  Kimber begins to freak out as the segment ends.

Heath is shown telling Rhino he is starting with the physical therapist.  Rhino execuses himself from the room and walks outside to see Doring and EY.  He tells EY he knows what they are trying to do and this isn’t going to happen.  EY and Doring begin pounding on him.  Heath comes out of the room only to get chased back in where we presume he is about to get beat on.  Doring closes the door and has Heath trapped as the segment ends.

Match 3.  Brain Myers VS Crazzy Steve

Steve heads out with his Monkey and a deranged look on his face and Myers heads out with his attitude.    Myers muscles Steve into the corner.  He misses a cheap shot and Steve connects with a fist of his own.  Myers bails to the floor.

After a regroup, Myers enters but Steve hits a spinning leg scissors.  He follows it up with an illegal upside down octagon tie up in the ropes.  Myers screams for mercy.  The damage was done.  Myers then gets his planted on the apron.  He fights to his feet on the apron and knocks Steve into the ring post and then he tumbles to the floor.

Back from break, Myers hits a backdrop.  He then locks on a chin lock.  Steve gets to his feat, but Myers takes him down and gloats for the camera.  Myers hits a suplex and float over for a count of two, then back to the rear chin lock.  After Steve stands up, he locks on a sleeper, but Steve sits out of it.  Myers bell is rung, and Steve begins running the ropes driving elbows into his face rapidly.  Steve then climbs the ropes as Myers stumbles around the ring.  Fearing he too far, Steve gets off the top rope and sets up Myers for a side leg sweep.  He then locks up both arms behind his back.  Myers gets to the ropes.  Steve hits a flying knee off the ropes.  Myers blocks a back suplex.  Myers then hits a vicious clothesline for the win.

Winner Brian Myers.

Impact Moment of the week.  Tara and Brook Tessmacher VS Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.  Madison and Gail Kim win the Tag Championships.

Swinger walks in to see Detective Dreamer.  Dreamer makes him empty his fanny pack.  He has a lot of “gimmicks” in the pack.  The Swingman, as he refers to himself, cuts a series of his patented cheesy, lines that crack me up.  Ultimately he pulls out a gun that alarms Dreamer.  He tells Tommy that he got stretched back in the day at Verne’s (Gagne) camp by Billy Robinson.  He carries the gun for protection.  lol.  Dreamer declares Swinger guilty on the spot.  Tommy says next week it will be the return of Wrestler’s Court.

Match 4.  Tenille Dashwood and Alisha VS Havok and Nevaeh (Tag Team Tournament)

Alisha and Nevaeh start off for their teams.  Alisha hits a bulldog after stomping on Nevaeh’s foot.  Tenille tags in and they double suplex Nevaeh.  She then works her over in their corner.  Tenille actually seems to be trying this week.  She gets a two count off a crossbody.  Nevaeh then takes a short arm clothesline.  Dashwood posses repeatedly for the camera.  Havok tags in and Dashwood runs and tags in Alisha.  Edwards hits an amazing flatliner.  Havok then hits a spinning sidewalk slam.  Nevaeh tags back in and they double team her.  The established team of Havok and Nevaeh now are firmly in control.

Tenille takes a few minutes taking some photos with Kaleb with a K, on the outside during Alisha’s beating.

Alisha finally hits a crossbody on Havok for a count of two.  Havok goes for a tombstone and Tenille actually makes the save.  Nevaeh clears the ring.  Alisha goes back in and mounts a huge comeback.  Havok sneaks behind her and they hit a wheel barrow neck breaker for the 3 count.

Winners of the first round match.. Havok and Nevaeh

Jordynne Grace is shown on the phone talking to someone that is retired.. Does she have a partner for next week?

Match 5.  Hernandez VS Fallah

Hernandez wants his money and he wants to settle the score with Fallah for stealing it.  The two big men exchange powerful strikes to start the match.  Hernandez hits an impressive dive out to Fallah on the outside, head first.  Back in the ring he hits a big clothesline.  Then Hernandez locks on a rear wrenching chin and headlock.  Fallah stands out and hits two consecutive splashes in the corner.  He gets a two count off a Samoan Drop.  Hernandez blocks the second attempt at the move and hits a top rope splash for a count of three.

Winner.. Hernandez

Rohit is shown backstage talking of his greatness.  D’Amore is not impressed.   Rohit leaves.  TJP walks up and Scott tells him he got screwed at Turning Point against Rohit.  D’Amore tells him nobody named TJP can get a title match.  What would Dusty Rhodes do?… Any other wrestler in the world can get the match in the world, just not TJP.  Midnight Ryder revisited?

A vignette airs about the rise of the New Tag Champs, The Good Brothers.

The Champs are backstage with D’Amore and hanging out.  Page walks up enraged.  He tells D’Amore he has been looking for them and needs to have a rematch.  D’Amore asks the champs if they will give a rematch.  Anderson says he needs to wrestle a “Phenomenal” wrestler.  If he wins, then they can have a match.  Page says he doesn’t care.  He will do it and leaves.

The Rascalz all head out together before this match.

Match 6.  Trey Miquel and Rich Swann VS Dez and Wentz in a farewell match for the Rascalz.

This promises to be a fun one.  The boys are all dancing before the match begins.  Impact is really going out of their way to show their appreciation to the longtime Impact threesome, who are leaving the promotion after this match.

Trey will start off against Wentz.  The two basically push each other around.  Wentz reverses a arm twist several times with Trey.  Wentz flips all over reversing the holds.  They both laugh and seem to be having fun.  They double drop kick each other.  Swann tags in as well as Dez.  Dez doesn’t seem to want to be in the ring.  Swann tells him to get going.  They start to pick up the pace and they do some impressive flips in the ring.  Rich eventually hits a stiff kick.  Trey tags in and Wentz and Dez finally draw up a legit edge in the match.  Trey gets trapped in the corner and they double team him as we go to break.

Trey is still in the corner as we resume.  Trey hits the colorful combination / DDT on his teammates to give him time to recover and make the tag to Swann.  Swann hits consecutive spin kicks to both of the Rascalz.  He hits rolling thunder on Dez for a count of one.  Trey and Swann double kick Wentz.  Then Swann hits a reverse, standing moonsault for a two count.  All four are in the ring and they start punching each other.  Then they hit a 4 way superkick.  All four are down in the center of the ring.  Dez and Swann get to their knees and they start exchanging blows.  Dez joins in and they take out Swann.  They hit a High Flyer Flame.  Trey breaks up the pin count.

Wentz and Dez hit a tandem powerbomb off a monkey flip off the top rope.. Rich breaks up the pin with a Frog Splash.  You have to see this stuff.  Wow.

Dez is down and Swann kicks him in the back of the head and gets the three count.

Winners Trey and Swann.

The Rascalz are all in tears as the match ends.  Swann helps Dez to his feat.  They all raise each others hands.  They all put on their ring jackets on the ring ropes and exit the ring.

Backstage the Rascalz are thanking each other.  Just then a garbage can flies at the group.  Shamrock and Callahan beat on all of them and then tell Swann, Shamrock will see him next week.  The show ends.







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