Turning Point

Nov 14, 2020 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from TURNING POINT.  Here is tonight’s card.  Matches will begin at 8pm.

Main Event.   Sami Callahan VS Rich Swann (Champion) for the IMPACT World Championship

Knockouts Main Event.   Su Yung (Champion) VS Deonna Purrazzo in a NO-DQ match for the Knockouts World Championship

World Tag Team Title Match.   The North (Champions) VS The Good Brother

TNA World Championship Match.  Moose (self proclaimed Champion) VS Willie Mack

Rohit Raju (Champion) holds a “Defeat Rohit” open challenge for the X-Division championship

James Storm/Chris Sabin versus Team XXXL

Jordynne Grace/Tenille Dashwood versus Taya Valkyrie/Rosemary

Bryan Myers versus Swoggle

Eddie Edwards versus Daivari

The show kicks off with the vignette reel of each match on the card.

Match 1. Eddie Edwards VS Daivari

Edwards finds himself on the outside looking in.  This is the first match in a long time, he is not in the main event.  Davairi returned to Impact Wrestling at Bound For Glory.  Eddie and Davairi start of with basic wrestling with arm drags and take downs.  Eddie gains most of the advantage during these exchanges.   Davairi gets the advantage on the outside after Edwards injures his elbow.  Davairi slams the elbow on the metal steps.  He rolls him and and gets a quick one count.  Davairi then starts twisting the arm and backs Eddie into the corner.  Eddie crumbles and Davairi uses the heel of his foot against the throat of Edwards.

For several minutes the match is in Davairi’s complete control.

We are having some technical difficulties with the server, but I can keep up with the call so far.

Edwards gets Davairi off the ropes on his shoulders and hits the backpack stunner for a count of two.  Edwards needed this move to get his breath and let his arm heal.  He then hits a Tiger Driver.  He is slow to the count and Davairi kicks out and then follows it up with a ranna and a two count of his own.

The two get to their feet and begin squaring off strong style, as Edwards often does.  Davairi however, gets into a shoving match with the ref and Edwards hits the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner.  Eddie Edwards

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne go over the matches for tonight next.

Match 2.  Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace VS Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie

This should be an interesting match.  Dashwood and Grace have no love loss at all.  Rosemary’s boyfriend just got shot at the alter and she and Taya are both considered prime suspects.

Taya looks to be in her best physical condition in a long time.  Rosemary looks sinister as always, but smiling and in a great mood.  She hardly looks the part of a distressed bride to be.

Tenille sees Taya wants to start the match and immediately asks Grace to start off.  The two powerhouses of the foursome start off and they take turns hitting shoulder blocks and clotheslines on each other.  Grace gets a count of one off a another shoulder block.  Taya gets to the corner to make the tag.  Rosemary hits a suplex immediately on Grace.  Rosemary then runs the ropes and rolls threw the back of Grace and grabs a head of hair.   Rosemary tags in Taya, but Grace recovers and hits a spinebuster.  Tenille tag herself in though and the ref wouldn’t make the pin count.  Grace looks back at Dashwood angerly.  Dashwood, with Kaleb with a K cheering her on, grabs Taya’s ams and pulls them backwards.  Taya stands out in pain and breaks free.  Tenille makes the tag and Taya hits a running clothesline.

Grace and Taya go to make the tag.  Rosemary runs in, but Tenille jumps off the apron to the floor and lets Kaleb take some pictures of her.

Grace is angry and reeling from the clothesline.  Rosemary spears Grace and hits a double underhook suplex violently, and gets the win.

Winners Rosemary and Taya.

Match 3.  Swoggle VS Brian Myers

Myers starts the match toying with Swoggle.  Somehow Swoggle hits a head sissors.  Myers actually falls from the ring and Swoggle slams his head on the stairs.  Swoggle drags him to the apron and Myers then has had enough.  He begins pummeling him on the outside.  Myers waits for Swoggle to get back in the ring.  Once he is back in, he just lays the boots to the back off poor Swoggle.  Myers then locks on a rear chin lock.  His knee is in the back of Swoggle.

Myers connects repeated elbows to the back of Swoggle and talks trash to his undermatched and undersized foe.  It is hard to believe these two were once friends.  Swoggle was often on Myers podcast.

We have a loss off feed.. When back Swoggle is on the top rope.  Myers tries to stop him, but Swoggle kicks him.  Myers shakes it off and climbs the ropes sets up a suplex, but Swoggle bites him.  Myers falls and Swoggle goes for the Tad Pole Splash.  He connects .

Loss of feed again… Myers is your winner off a clothesline.

Winner.. Brian Myers

Myers attacks Swoggle post match.

XXXL is interviewed backstage about the math with Cowboy James Storm and Chris Sabin.  Larry D says all you need to know is size matters.

Match 4.  XXXL VS Cowboy James Storm and Chris Sabin

XXXL heads out first, then Sabin.. then Storm.  One has to wonder if this makeshift team of former champions will be able to keep up with a legit title contender in XXXL.

Larry D and Sabin start off.  Sabin tries to shoulder block Larry.. ugh.. yeah.  That was a set up though.  He baits Larry into another test and hits a basement dropkick.  Quickly Storm tags in.  Larry makes a tag and Acey is quicker to the punch.  Storm tries to whip Acey, but nothing doing.  However, it backfires and Sabin tags off Storm’s back as he bounce the ropes, and the two double team Acey off his feet.  Larry D interjects and gains control over Sabin.  Larry hits a sit out suplex.  Cool move.

We are still having technical difficulties.  After a glitch, Acey and Larry D are double teaming Sabin.  Acey misses a sitdown splash, but Sabin can’t get to his corner to make the tag.  Acey locks on a rear chin lock.  Storm is getting frustrated on the outside, the ref tries to calm him down, while Larry walks in and double teams Sabin with Acey.  Larry then takes a second to punch Storm on the apron.  Romero and Larry D pound on Sabin in the corner for a few more minutes.

Sabin elbows Acey in the mid section a few times and breaks a head lock.  Acey blocks him again from making a tag and then tags Larry.  Storm is finally tagged in after Sabin kicks Larry.  Storm makes the hot tag and hits several clotheslines on Larry D.  Then a inverted atomic drop and neckbreaker combo.  Sabin joins in and they double team Acey with a suplex.  The two yell out Beer Guns.. lol

Storm hits a running DDT.  Larry makes the save.  Acey hits a choke slam on Sabin, then a senton.  Sabin kicks out.  Larry takes out Storm again with a running knee.

Larry D and Sabin miss a double team and smash into each other.

Sabin in and Storm double up XXXL and Sabin makes the pin.

Winners.. Sabin and Cowboy James Storm

Match 5.  Rohit Raju Challenge Match

Cousin Jake answers the challenge.  He heads out with Cody Deaner.

Deaner comes off very strong and tosses Raju all over the ring.

The feed is having lots of issues and the glitching is insane.

Rohit hits a swinging neckbreaker, then ties up Jake in a armbar.  Jake lifts Rohit up with the arm bar on.  His strength is impressive.  Rohit and Jake go back and forth with kicks and power movers.  Rohit backs Jake in the corner and hits several running elbows.  Jake fights them off and connects with a strong punch that allows him to place Rohit on the top rope.  Glitch…

Rohit hits two flying knees to retain the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion.  Rohit Raju

Rohit is outside.  Joe Doring and EY are now in the ring.  They attack the Deaners.  Rohit leaves with the belt.  EY holds Cody in the corner and Doring pounds on Jake.

Match 6.  Moose (TNA World Champion) VS Willie Mack

Moose and Mack start the match hot and heavy.  The rivalry has got heated quickly the last few weeks.  Moose takes out the legs of Mack on the apron and Willie takes a terrible fall.  Moose takes a few minutes to gloat over Mack and remind everyone how good he is.

Once Mack is in the ring, Moose chokes him in the corner and gouges his eyes.  He uses every second of the 5 count to inflict more damage.

Moose hits a back elbow in the corner.  Willie hits a forearm of his own after Moose misses a splash.  This is the first time in several minutes Willie has had any offense.  Willie misses a punch and Moose hits a sidewalk slam.. then another.   Mack literally bounced three times off the mat.  Moose then pulls Mack around by his beard.

Mack becomes enraged at Moose.  He hits a two clotheslines, but Moose does not go down and Moose hits a clothesline of his own.  Mack then hits a spinning kick and follows it up with a slam and leg drop.  Willie gets a two count.  Moose chases Willie on the top rope.  Moose hits a superplex.  Mack looks to be out.  Moose stalks Mack and goes for a spear.  Mack leaps over him and hits a slam and standing moonsault.  Moose kicks out at two.

Mack goes for a stunner, but gets hit with a spear.  Then Moose pummels Willie repeatedly until ref calls for the bell.  The ref then reverses the decision and calls Willie the winner by DQ for not stopping the assault on his demand.

Winner by DQ.   Willie Mack

Mack is laying on the mat looking out cold as Moose walks away with the belt.

Match 7.  The North (Champions) VS Gallows and Anderson

We will pick this title match up with Gallows on the pin attempt on Josh Alexander.  Josh kicks out and Anderson tags in.  Anderson stays on the offense and slams Josh’s head into the turnbuckle.  He then whips him across the ring, but Josh catches him in the midsection off the ropes.  Gliching again.

Anderson is now in with Page and he has him down in a arm lock/forearm across the jaw move.  Page is whimpering, but refuses to give up.

Glitch.  Page is now in control, with Anderson laid out on the outside.  I imagine, Alexander helped Page from the outside.  He often does and is very good at not getting caught at it.

Alexander tags in keeps Anderson in his corner.  They double team him repeatedly.  Page taunts Gallows on the ring apron.  Anderson is reeling and stumbles back into the North’s corner and takes more punishment.  Page is in his full glory at this point.  He smugly hits Anderson and drapes him on the bottom rope so he can pose with Anderson in pain as Josh leans in on the shot.

Josh tags back in and locks in a rear chin lock.  Anderson is selling like he is going to pass out.  He starts his comeback eventually and stands up and hits elbows to the stomach and then bounces the ropes and hits a neckbreaker on Page.  He needs to make the tag to Gallows.  Gallows tags in and is double teamed by the North.  We are glitching again.

The North hit a impressive double side by side piledriver.  Gallows kicks out!!!  I’ve never seen that version of the move.  Very cool.

Alexander locks Gallows in the torcher rack.  Glitch.

Anderson and Page are now the legal people in the ring.  Anderson hits a spinebuster.  Anderson then hits the Gun Stun… Gallows enters and they hit the Magic Killer for win!

Winner and NEW CHAMPIONS… The Good Brothers.

Gallows and Anderson celebrate in the ring.

Jordynne Grace is shown looking for Dashwood, who sneaks up behind her.  Grace tells her basically she is a disgrace and walks off.  Alisha Edwards walks up and makes fun of Grace too.. Stay tuned… new tag team?

Match 8.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Su Yung (Champion) for the Knockouts World Championship… NO DQ Match

Su starts off quickly with a head scissors that takes Purrazzo out of the ring and then back in!  Purrazzo escapes and locks on a leg lock.  Yung puts on her blood soaked glove, while in the hold.   Su stands up and takes a single arm DDT from Deonna.  Purrazzo then ties Yung up in the ropes and dropkicks her from the apron.  Deonna then takes a chair in the ring.  I’ve never seen her uses weapons before.  She then throws in all the toys from every ECW match back in the day.  The ring is littered with weapons now.

Purrazzo puts a chair between the second and third rope in the corner.  Yung returns and takes a suplex.  Purrazzo then legdrops the arm of Su Yung, setting up her finish.  Glitch.

Purrazzo still is in control and Su is sitting in the corner.  Purrazzo then does the twisted wrist, elbow stomp.  Brutal move.  Purrazzo sets up a sign in the center of the ring and rubs Su’s face on it.

After a long Glitch..  Yung rolls in the ring from the outside and takes a faceplant reverse backbreaker.  Then Purrazzo uses the kendo stick to the back.  Purrazzo then goes for a splash to the corner, with a chair in it and misses Su and hits the chair.  She goes down hard.  She is selling the arm and shoulder.

On the ramp, Su Yung hits a pedigree on the stage.  Purrazzo is down and Yung is looking ready for the kill.  She drags Deonna back to the ring.  She enters and crawls her way over to Purrazzo and gets a count of two.  Su starts arguing with the referee.  Purrazzo sneaks behind and locks on the armbar.  She then forces Su Yungs head between a half folded chair.  Su Yung passes out, but the ref doesn’t call for the bell.  Purrazzo climbs the ropes while Yung’s head is still in the chair.  Purrazzo misses off the ropes as Yung moves out of the way.

Yung ties a rope around Purrazzo’s neck.  She climbs a top rope and chokes her.  Purrzzo flips her off the top rope!  Purazzo then hits a the Cossa Nossa and gets the win.

Winner and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION.. Deonna Purrazzo

A vignette setting up Callahan and Swann airs next.

Match 9.  Sami Callahan VS Rich Swann (Champion) for the Impact World Championship

Swann spends several minutes dancing in the ring, as Sami stands back looking annoyed.   David Penzer is in the ring to make the introductions.

One has to wonder if Shamrock will be seen tonight.

The two former friends start off shoving each other.  This fight is personal as these two have been friends since their teens.  The two feel each other out for a few moments with neither getting an advantage.  Sami bails to the outside to frustrate Swann.  This seems to be working.  He enters and exits the ring several times just before being counted out.  Swann finally goes out after him and pays for it.  Sami sends him into the steps and then smashes his face on the corner post.  Sami then sets up Swann for a powerbomb, but Swann grabs the ropes at the top of the move and escapes.  He then kicks Sami in the face.  Sami re-enters the ring, and Swann stays on the offensive slamming his head into the turnbuckle.  Sami then gouges the eyes to slow the momentum.

Sami crotches Swann on the ropes and then jumps on him and begins pounding on his face.  Swann rolls out of the ring for a breather, but Sami follows him out.  Sami tosses him back in.  Sami then locks on a Indian Death lock.  After releasing the hold, Swann is visibly nursing his bad ankle.   Rich defiantly tells Sami off, but Sami slams him and locks on a rear chin lock.

Sami spends the next few minutes with versions of the claw on Swann, while also gouging the eyes.  Then Callahan locks on a chin lock.

Rich breaks free and you can see he is going to mount a comeback.  He begins trading blows with Callahan.  Sami is the stronger of the two, but that doesn’t stop Swann from taking Sami off his feet.  Swann also crumbles from the blows he took.

Both get to their feet and Swann begins hitting fists and back elbow combinations.  Then Swann kicks Sami’s leg, and hits a kick to Sami face.  Sami shakes it off and levels Swann, but only gets a count of two.  These two are both exhausted at the twenty minute mark.

Sami then pulls out one of Swann’s dread locks.. ouch!  Sami then hits a short arm clothesline.

After a short glitch, Swann hits a handspring cutter off the ropes on the floor!  You have to see this move.  Both barely make it in the ring to avoid the double count out.  Josh wonders why Swann didn’t stay outside the ring.

Swann tries to lift Sami off the ground and takes a clothesline.  Swann reverses a piledriver into a ranna for a count of two.  Shamrock enters and Eddie Edwards follows and attacks him.  The fall beyond the barricade and are out of the camera shot and action.

Swann kicks Sami in the head.  Then he hits a spinning kick and a superkick combo.  Sami sits up and takes another kick and Swann gets the three count.

Winner and still Impact World Champion… Rich Swann.

Rich celebrates at the show ends.

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