11/8/20 ROH TV Results

Nov 8, 2020 - by staff

by Allen Rockum

Results from the PURE Title Tournament are aired with Gresham saying that RUSH hasn’t been holding the honor of the Championship in ROH. So he will. Now the Foundation is consisting of Gresham, Jay Lethal, Tracy Williams & a masked individual in a Red Octopus mask.

The matches for tonight are Brian Johnson vs. Dak Draper & Dalton Castle vs. Brody King.

Quinn McKay thanks all the fans that has supported ROH through the pandemic & has enjoyed the PURE Title Tournament.

Match #1: “The Mecca” Brian Johnson vs. “The Mile High” Dak Draper in a PURE rules match.

Commentary is Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman.

Ring Announcer is Bobby Cruise

Referee is Joe Mandak

*Dak Draper defeated Brian Johnson with the Magnum KO

Match #2: Brody King vs. Dalton Castle in a World Championship Rankings match.

Referee is Todd Sinclair

*Brody King defeated Dalton Castle

Next week Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor & the Soldiers of Savagery vs. The Briscoes

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