McIntyre on Triple H saying he and Reigns could be a ‘Flair and Hogan’ scenario

Nov 4, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“I was very appreciative of such a high compliment from Hunter. He’s the one that brought me back to WWE, and he’s watched my entire career kind of evolve and devolve and then re-evolve right in front of his eyes, so it was cool. I think his thing was keeping us on the path we’re currently on and Roman doing what he’s doing with his character and me finally being myself. Actually, I think it’s more Roman being himself. Both of us being ourselves now and keep developing those characters to where we get to the point where everybody knows them inside and out, and we take them as far as we can possibly take them, Then, eventually, when we have that big match down the line, it could be something at that high, high level he described which is really cool. The fact of the matter is, even if we did it sooner, it would be a big match just because Roman has been the standard-bearer for the longest time. For the past seven or eight years, he’s been the top dog and the big dog and main evented four WrestleMania’s in a row. He’s proven himself over and over but not he’s taken this turn where he’s basically saying ‘Hey I did all this stuff, look at me’ rather than the humble Roman we knew from the past. I think on the flip side, the way I’ve been going, I’m proving I can do it and I am doing it and I’m gonna continue to do it. So, I think it’s gonna be an interesting clash of some chosen ones when it finally comes.”

source: In The Kliq

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