CM Punk responds to Chris Jericho’s political tweet

Nov 4, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

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  1. Motorhead says:

    Bush v Gore? How about 2004 when Ohio went unsettled until the next day when Kerry finally conceded. It’s happened a number of times in history. Even in 1984, when Reagan won 49 states, it took weeks to count and certify the vote. Ya know, rather than just admit you know nothing and make baseless accusations why not just ASK if it’s happened before of do some research. Don’t just depend on the talking heads on TV and radio to do your thinking for you. Read a BOOK!!! It takes time to count the mail-in vote. ESPECIALLY when states like PA weren’t allowed to even COUNT the mail-in vote until AFTER the same-day vote was recorded. It could have been handled better but Republicans in PA refused to alter the rules to prevent just this kind of mess. Had Trump embraced the mail-in vote and encouraged states to alter counting laws to better handle the massive amount of mail-in vote for 2020 we wouldn’t be in this mess. “If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.”

    This kind of idiocy, making uneducated comments about things one doesn’t understand, makes this situation worse. Doesn’t help that our President doesn’t seem to understand how this works either and has ZERO historical perspective to offer guidance and patience to the American people. This isn’t new or controversial. This is how it works, especially when nothing was done to make the process move more smoothly and we have UNPRECEDENTED amounts of mail-in voting coming in. Why is this so hard to understand?!

  2. ryan says:

    I think they fully understand it, they just don’t like it cause they’re losing and likely going to lose overall.

    It’s just their way to try to manipulate more people to believe their ridiculous ideas.

  3. mth says:

    “I’m not a political person…” he says even though he donated to Trump’s campaign…

  4. Taxx W Hoodchicken says:

    Agree with Ryan and Motörhead

    I lived in Columbus when that happened


  5. Steve says:

    I will day it once i will say it all the time.. its Y2J…only problem its 20 years later and he is irrelevant. Never was the Rock never as popular as the Heartbreak kid. Chris Jericho STFU..

  6. Jake Allen says:

    Trump is screwed when he’s no longer president (jail time, worldwide debtors coming to collect, etc). So of course when his back is against the wall he’s going to do anything and EVERYTHING to win (just shy of killing Biden because he’d probably think if there’s no opponent he would automatically win)…

  7. John Schleehauf says:

    Jesus Christ, for someone who claims to “not need pro wrestling”, it seems to be the only thing chump can get any attention talking about. What happened to his “new life” as an MMA fighter? Lmao, what a f@*kin joke. Got his scrawny ass beat twice and ran home. Some career. And he only got that because of his notoriety in wrestling. Because we’ve seen what he’s accomplished on his own-absolutely nothing. Nobody gives a sh*t that he’s alive. And don’t believe all of the anti-racism sh*t he spouts off about on twitter. I was at a Mid American Wrestling Indy show in Winn Lake, Wisconsin in October 2001 that he was working. He was talking to Ace Steel about hockey and baseball. Him being from Chicago, I asked him, ” so who do you like on the Bears and Bulls?” His response: “Nobody. I don’t watch monkey ball”. 2 faced p.o.s.

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