Marty Scurll & Dan Maff Removed from ROH Roster Page

Oct 26, 2020 - by James Walsh

ROH has removed Marty Scurll and Dan Maff from their roster page. Scurll and Maff are not listed either in the current or alumni section of the website.

Scurll was among those named by accusers during the #SpeakingOut movement that saw several wrestlers accused of sexual misconduct in June. Scurll was accused of sexually assaulting a girl in the UK when she was 16, a charge which he denied saying that he believed the encounter was consensual and legal. Since the allegations, Scurll has not been used by ROH and he hasn’t been involved in a creative capacity where he was previously the booker.

PWInsider reports that there is no official update on Scurll or Maff’s status in ROH at this time.

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