Madison Rayne Discusses Working under Dixie Carter

Jul 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

During an appearance on Sitting Ringside With David Penzer, Madison Rayne spoke on her experience working for Dixie Carter. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t have a bad thing to say about her. That was a time where ignorance was bliss for me. I knew bits and pieces about the rumblings of what was going on in TNA but I didn’t care about that because I got to travel. I was living my dream. My paychecks came on time, all the time. I can’t speak to that, but I was always paid. Dixie, I mean, she’s a woman so she connected with the Knockouts, and even more so when I came back after having my daughter. She, next to my parents, was my number one supporter. I will sing her praises forever and ever because she gave me my first opportunity. She let me come back under unique circumstances for my second opportunity. She let me live my dream that 12 years later, I’m still doing.

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