Calvin Tankman

Jul 1, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Christopher Heyward III
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 335 lbs.
Date of Birth:
From: Indianapolis, Indiana
Pro Debut: October 15, 2016
Trained By: ?
Finishing Move: Tankman Driver


– Tankman has a background in American Football & also a MMA practitioner.
– Tankman is nicknamed Indestructible.
– October 6, 2016, Tankman competed in a IWA Mid South Rumble match.
– February 26, 2017, Tankman competed in the AWE Rumble.
– August 8th, Tankman competed in the WCWO Young Guns Tournament ’17.
– September 14th, Tankman competed in the IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitational ’17.
– October 5th, Horrorshow (Tankman & Shane Mercer) challenged Mance Warner & Zodiak for the IWA Mid South Tag Team Titles.
– April 12, 2018, Tankman defeated Mance Warner for the IWA Mid South Championship.
– May 3rd, Tankman would lose the title to John Wayne Murdoch.
– June 9th, Tankman would win the AWE Stunna Rumble.
– June 23rd, Tankman could compete in the Dynamite Cup ’18.
– September 21st, Tankman would compete in the IWA Mid South Ted Petty Invitational ’18.
– December 2nd, Tankman competed in the FxD Young Guns ’18 Tournament.
– December 7th, Tankman would win the WTF Blizzard Brawl.
– January 25, 2019, Tankman would defeat Anthony Toatele for the WTF Championship.
– February 8th, The Indestructibles (Tankman & Dale Patricks) would defeat The Crooked Dream (Jordan James & Matthew Galloways) for the vacant WCWO Tag Team Titles.
– February 23rd, Tankman would defeat Sage Philips for the NWP Crossroads Title.
– March 1st, The Indestructibles would lose the WCWO Tag Team Titles to The Crooked Dream.
– August 23rd, Tankman would lose the WTF Championship to Shane Mercer.
– October 13th, Tankman would defeat Nick Iggy for the Bizarro Lucha Luchaversal Title.
– October 20th, Tankman would compete in the FxD Young Guns Tournament ’19.
– December 7th, Tankman would try out for the WWE.
– March 15, 2020, Tankman would retain the Bizarro Lucha Luchaversal Title against Magmas.
– June 24, 2020, it was announced that Tankman had signed with Major League Wrestling (MLW).

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