Bad Luck Fale Says Bullet Club Lost Their Identity After The Elite Joined The Group

Jun 26, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Founding Bullet Club member Bad Luck Falerecently did an interview with

During the interview, Fale revealed that he wasn’t happy with where the direction Bullet Club went when The Elite joined the group. He was excited at first when Kenny Omega took over the leadership at New Year Dash in 2016, but it soon changed. Fale felt that while Bullet Club was popular in America under Kenny, it wasn’t what the group built, it was Kenny and the Elite’s vision.

“Yeah, I thought this was our chance to take what we had built and bring it to the States, bring it to the word,” said Bad Luck Fale. “It got us a lot of notoriety, as a brand, but… No. It wasn’t taking what we had built overseas, it was taking Kenny and the Elite’s vision overseas. We weren’t wrestling the way we did, we were wrestling the way they did. It really felt like we were losing our identity.”

Bad Luck Fale also felt that being edgier and getting disqualified in matches, got people who were once fans of AJ Styles and Karl Anderson back to liking Bullet Club.

“But doing that, it brought some of our fans back,” Fale said. “People that were fans of AJ and Karl that had gone away because the style had changed under Kenny.”

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