6/23/20 Impact Wrestling Recap

Jun 23, 2020 - by Scott Porter

This week’s show begins with a recap of last week’s episode. The package includes clips of the situation Trey and the Rascalz are dealing with. Deonna Purrazzo’s attack on Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. Michael Elgin and Ace Austin are also questioned about the attack of Trey and Eddie Edwards attack backstage on Ace leading to a match with interference by Madman Fulton.

The show backdrop is a black, empty arena. The stage is lit as well as the ramp. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are on the call for the action this week.

Match 1 Tasha Steelz (with Kiera Hogan) VS Nevaeh (with Havok)

Steelz talks smack and dares Nevaeh to attack her, which she does. After slamming her to the corner, Neveah tossed a rag tagged Steelz to the outside. She regains composure and connects with a nice high knee. Steelz takes Nevaeh down and lays the boots to her back. After lifting her, Steelz hits a forearm to the jaw and gets a count of two. Hogan holds Nevaeh over the ropes choking her from the outside. Steelz puts on a rear headlock. Neveah finally fights back and pushes Steelz to the corner and repeatedly kicks her to the chest, but Steelz shakes it off and hits a nice high knee and a series of kicks to the corner. She runs in shoulder first, but Nevaeh moves and hits a side leg sweep into a Dragon suplex and gets a two count. Hogan interferes from the outside. Havok charges Hogan and Steelz rolls up Nevaeh for the three count.

Winner Tasha Steelz

A clip from Busted Open radio with Deonna Purrazzo being interviewed is shown. Host Dave Legrecca is with Tommy Dreamer. Deonna is interrupted by Jordynne Grace during the interview. Grace told her she knows what she is doing and Deonna will not get away with it and all she has really done is piss her off. Purrazzo said she will be the face of the division.

Purrazzo is shown live backstage. She says she came to be a champion. She is interrupted by Alisha which sets up a match for tonight!

A brief clip says a former champion is returning.

Johnny Swinger and Rich Swann are shown backstage. Swinger asks Swann to join his team to go against the Deaners and Willie Mack. Swann says no chance. Swinger says there are more people to ask.

Flashback moment of the week. Bully Ray is in the ring telling Brother Devon he wants to take him out. Devon enters the arena in his Aces and Eights gear. They circle each other. Bully runs to him and Devon exits the ring. Bully grabs some tables and re-enters the ring and sets it up. Devon taunts Bully and looks to the back for help. All the members come out. Bully grabs a chain to defend himself. Sting and Kurt Angle and the faces all enter and attack Aces and Eights. Bully is left in the ring with Devon. Bully knocks down Devon. Then picks him up, only to have a hooded member save Devon. Joseph Park enters and gets immediately destroyed. He unmasks the Aces and Eights member to by Doc Gallows. The clip ends.

Alexander is shown listening to Ethan Page. Page is annoyed with Ken Shamrock. He feels he deserves Shamrocks accolades. He says they should be in a better position in the company. As he continues talking behind Shamrock’s back, Shamrock shows up and scares Page half to death. Alexander says he is ready to take him on as Page cowers in fear.

Moose is shown backstage telling everyone around him he is the real, World Champion. Krazy Steve says he is not a real champion. Moose challenges him to a title match.

Match 2 Alisha VS Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo enters the arena first. The Virtuosa saunters in looking amazing. Alisha Edwards enters next. Purrazzo and Alisha trade wrist locks and arm bars. Purrazzo takes her down and puts on a leg lock choke hold. Purrazzo works the arm with a series of arm locks and knees to it. Deonna hits a chop and Irish Whip to the corner. Edwards finally kicks Deonna, but that is the end of her offense. Side leg sweep into a Arm Bar and Alisha taps out.

Winner Deonna Purrazzo

Jordynne Grace runs off Purrazzo after the match, but she doesn’t get to lay a hand on her.

Swinger is now backstage asking Suicide if he will be he and Chris Bey’s partner tonight against the Deaners and Willie Mack. Suicide doesn’t even turn him down. He just walks off. Swinger is left talking to himself. We go to break.

Swinger is now trying to get Hernandez to be their partner. Hernandez says he will be their partner if he can beat him in an arm wrestling match. After losing to Hernandez, Swinger gets a Rhino toy as a consolation gift. Swinger leaves and sees Tay Valkyrie. He asks her if she wants to join the team. Taya says she would never team with him. She wants to find Bravo and leaves.

Match 3 Ken Shamrock Vs Alexander (with Ethan Page)

Shamrock enters, but is attacked by the North from behind. Both Page and Alexander can’t hold down Shamrock who holds his own until they finally put him in a leg lock while Page lays boots to his back. Backstage crew try to help Shamrock.

No Contest

Match 4 Taya Valkyrie (with Bravo) VS Susie

Matthews says he gets the creeps from Susie as she enters. Valkyrie is upset with Bravo because he is barely around anymore and not taking care of her needs. Madison Rayne makes fun of Matthews fears. Taya picks on Susie as the match begins. Taya tosses her to the ground, but Susie rolls her up for a count of two. Then hits a bulldog. Susie then gets suplexed after avoiding Susie charging her in the corner. Taya and Bravo work in tandem. Bravo chokes Susie as Taya talks to the ref. Susie is hurt in the corner, as Taya stands on her face and shoulder. Taya taunts her verbally and hammers her with forearms. Taya locks in a form of a STF and Susie screams and finally reaches the ropes. Taya argues with the ref as Susie gets up. Taya charges Susie but gets an elbow to the face and hits a rana from the corner. She gets a two count. Taya is furious more than hurt and hits a clothesline. Taya hits a high knee. Susie avoids Taya charging her and hits an elbow and Thesz press. She gets a two count. Taya ties up Susie and turns it into a curb stomp for a two count. Taya is surprised and frustrated she can’t put Susie away. Susie rolls out of a Road to Valholla, but Taya attempts the hold again and connects and gets the win.

Winner Taya Valkyrie

Taya stands over Susie taunting her until Kylie Ray runs from the back and hits a super kick. Kylie consoles Susie as angry, Taya and Bravo retreat to the back.

Jimmy Jacobs goes looking for Madman Fulton, but Ace Austin interjects. Ace speaks for Fulton and says this is his time and Fulton is there to help him become the youngest Impact Champion ever.

Chris Bey and Swinger are backstage. Rohit enters and he is named the partner tonight, much to the chagrin of Bey.

Match 5 Chris Bey, Rohit Rahu and Johnny Swinger VS The Deaners (Cody and Cousin Jake) and Willie Mack

Rohit and Cody start off for their respective teams. Rohit gains a side headlock and takes Deaner to his knee. Deaner stands out and pushes Rohit to Jake in the corner. He makes the tag and they double team Rohit in the corner. Mack tags in and hits a standing moonsault. Rohit rolls to the corner and Bey tags in only to tag Swinger when Mack tags in. They all storm the ring and Mack and the Deaners clear the ring as we go to break. They celebrate in the ring. Once back Rohit has Cody in their corner. Deaner battles his way out, but Rohit punches him and gets a quick two count. Bey is tagged in and hits a leg sweep. Deaner then gets punished with some amazing kicks and some spinning and some straight up. He is super talented. Swinger is tagged back in. He racks his eyes and locks a nerve hold on Deaner. Deaner elbows out of the hold, but Swinger pokes his eyes and tags Bey back in. Bey puts Cody in a Abdominal Stretch. Once breaking the hold, Cody tags in Jack who clears the ring and tags in Mack. All men are in the ring performing their signature moves too fast to call. Rohit hits a nice Flatliner. Mack hits a powerbomb. Bey hits a Famouser on Mack and gets the three count. This ref should be fired.

Winners Rohit, Swinger and Bey

D’Lo Brown is shown working on his computer backstage. Scum show up. Fallah and TJP show up and get in SCUM’s faces. Fallah and TJP challenge them to a match next week.

Match 6 Madman Fulton (with Ace Austin) VS Eddie Edwards

Edwards looks for a measure of payback on Fulton, who interfered in the main event last week leading to Austin pinning him. Austin barks from the outside as the two tie up in the ring. Fulton pushed Eddie in the corner easily two times. Edwards scoots away from harm and locks on a side headlock. Fulton shoots Edwards, but Edwards stops progress by pulling his hair during the separation. Fulton pulls him off and slams him. Edwards rebounds with an inverted atomic drop. Fulton stands tall and flips Edwards, leg over shoulders to the corner. Edwards stands up and whips Fulton in the ropes and clotheslines him over the rope as we go to break. Fulton now has Eddie prone on the ground, neck draped over the ropes, standing on him. He then picks up and one hand tosses Eddie from in the ring to the arena floor. Eddie takes more punishment on the outside. Fulton used the ring ropes again to perform a neck breaker. Now back in the ring, Fulton stalks Eddie in the corner and viscously slams his head to the turnbuckle in a way I have never seen before two times. Eddie looks out on his feet. He crumbles to the ground. Fulton picks him up for a vertical suplex, but Eddie reverses it. Fulton goes to the outside and Eddie throws himself from the ring to Fulton and crashes into the barricade. Eddie took a bad fall, but thinks he is in better shape. Fulton stands up smiling. Eddie goes in the ring and Fulton follows. He connects with chops that do nothing to Fulton. Eddie hits a Powerbomb, but Fulton kicks out. Eddie goes for a tiger driver, but he reverses it and powerbombs Eddie. Fulton hits another version of the powerbomb and goes to the top rope. Edwards recovers and follows him and hits a ranna from the top rope. Ace goes on the ropes to distract Eddie. Fulton recovers and Eddie connects with a kick and Tiger Driver. Fulton kicks out at two. Eddie waits for Fulton to get up, Eddie charges and Fulton catches him with a swinging sidewalk slam and gets an impressive win.

Winner Madman Fulton

D-Lo Brown is shown on the phone backstage. He says let’s get the band back together. He stands up and says he is not a stooge. His Aces and Eights jacket is shown on the chair. He grabs it as they go off the air.

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