Shawn Spears Looks Back at Controversial Chairshot to Cody Rhodes

Jun 22, 2020 - by James Walsh

Shawn Spears was a recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast to talk about the headshot he gave to Cody Rhodes at last year’s Fyter Fest, which was the catalyst for their feud heading into the ALL OUT pay per view. Highlights are below. 

How he and Cody never “half-ass” anything: 

That guy is never going to half-ass anything. If you put him on top of a steel cage, he’s going to moonsault off. If he’s going to get hit with a chair, I say to him to put a hand up, he’s going to go, ‘No. Swing for the fences.’ As a performer, we have the same mentality. When he says he’s going to outperform you, he means it. What he may not understand is that I’m that guy too. I can’t also half-ass anything, so if I swing, I’m going for the fences. 

Thinks the chairshot added to their ALL OUT story: 

I think I can say this with confidence, and he’ll agree, if anything, it added to the story heading to All Out. Everytime he rubs the one side of his head, he’s going to remember me. We’re kind of the same guy when it comes to performance and in terms of putting ourselves out there and not half-assing things.


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