Sammy Guevara issues an apology

Jun 22, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Sammy Guevara has issued an apology after audio resurfaced from a 2016 interview in which he said he wanted to “rape” Sasha Banks. The audio in question comes from an appearance on The Whole F’n Show’s Raw’s 4th Hour where Guevara talked about a tryout he had taken part in at the Performance Center. In the clip, he says, “Bro, Sasha Banks. Oh my god. When I was at the WWE the other week, I wanted to just go f*ckin’ rape that woman.”

At the moment, AEW has to yet comment on the matter.

Sasha Banks has since shared a statement on Twitter saying she spoke with Sammy earlier today and the two had an open discussion in which he apologized to her personally as well.

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