Jim Cornette and wife Stacey accused of being sexual predators

Jun 19, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Jim Cornette and his wife Stacey were thrown in the middle of the whole #SpeakingOut controversy and were also accused of some inappropriate behavior.

Independent wrestler Phil Earley posted a lot of screenshots on Twitter yesterday of conversations and some nearly NSFW photos involving Cornette’s wife as proof of what he was accusing the pair of.

Earley said that Stacey, who worked for Ohio Valley Wrestling as well, tried to “groom him” when he was breaking in the business and started sending him photos of sexual nature and also accused Cornette of requiring talent to “perform sexual acts on his wife, many times with him watching.”

He said that a close friend of his was “brainwashed” by the couple for years and when he finally figured out what was happening, Cornette’s wife Stacey terrorized him and tried to convince other wrestlers to physically assault him.

A couple of former OVW wrestlers backed up Earley’s comments with their own similar stories.

Never shying away from controversy, Jim Cornette also went on Twitter to address the stories about him and his wife. “I know that my name has to be involved in everything because it gets attention, but I’m too busy running a pizza parlor from the basement of my pedophile ring to make any twitter goofs and their 700 fake accounts famous today,” Cornette wrote.

“Helpful hint: I have been told that when you’re faking screenshots of something that “happened” years ago, you shouldn’t use the person’s profile picture that’s only been up a week and a half. It’s the little things, but that’s for attorneys to discuss,” he added.

Unfortunately for Cornette, profile photos when updated reflect even older messages so the screenshots taken by Earley cannot be deemed fake just because of that.

“Helpful hint: Your Facebook Messenger profile pic updates to your current one you f*cking donut,” Earley replied. “Your lawyer must be new to the internet. Stacy can delete her Facebook, those messages are still in my inbox, bubba. You know EXACTLY who my friend is. You are a predator.”

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