Former Stardom Wrestler Arisa Hoshiki Tweets a Potentially Suicidal Message

Jun 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former Stardom wrestler Arisa Hoshiki posted a tweet very reminiscent to that by Hana Kimura.

“The human waste is still alive. I’m sorry… sorry for not contributing anything. I’m worthless because I’m a person who makes you notice things I can’t do, but I have a respiratory system so I’m sorry for breathing. Ah. I wasn’t recognized as a person. I’m sorry to call myself a human.”

Arisa Hoshiki announced her retirement in May this year due to head and neck injuries. She has been focusing on her music ever since. She has been a victim of cyberbullying since at least last year and has even had to go to the police.

(thanks to Himanshu D)

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