Chris Jericho Says Owen Hart’s Spirit Lives On in AEW

Jun 9, 2020 - by James Walsh

Ahead of the UK premiere of VICE’s Dark Side of the Ring, Chris Jericho told SportsKeeda that he believes Owen Hart should not go into the WWE Hall of Fame and that Owen’s spirit lives on in AEW. Martha Hart has, of course, said in the past that she doesn’t want WWE to honor Owen, calling their Hall of Fame “fake” and saying she holds WWE responsible for Owen’s death. Highlights are below. 

On how he understands why Martha Hart doesn’t want Owen to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I never thought Owen should go in the Hall of Fame it’s just not right. I think anybody who had any problems with that should watch it and will understand where the family’s coming from. His influence doesn’t go away and it shouldn’t be minimised but if (Martha) doesn’t want to do that through the WWE system, I totally get that.” 

On how the spirit of Owen Hart lives on in AEW: “I’d love to see (Martha) do something with AEW. I think the spirit of Owen Hart lives on in AEW for sure. I’m a huge disciple of him. I’m very much influenced by Owen Hart. So I think that, whether it’s New Japan or AEW, I think it’s important for Owen to be remembered by his fans and by the people that he influenced, myself included.”

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