Charlotte Flair Weighs in On Bayley’s Heel Turn

Jun 7, 2020 - by James Walsh

Charlotte Flair spoke with the Daily Star for a new interview discussing Bayley’s heel turn. You can check out some highlights below: 

On Bayley’s heel turn: “I think [having] the opportunity to evolve, and being on camera with her real-life best friend [Banks], and playing off of that, has really given her layers to the character. It has been fun to watch, but I do think that when it’s the two us, it’s very hard to tell that story! It’s like ‘Am I the bad guy? are you the bad guy?!. But, from afar and as an outsider looking in, it has been great to see her take the ball and run with it, because I don’t know that it is a natural fit for her. It is coming across that way and it’s great.” 

On working with Bayley after her heel turn: “Before I moved to RAW, we travelled together on live events and tours when they’d just turned her as a bad guy. We were like ‘well this is a tricky situation!’ because I’m like ‘what makes me a good guy, just because you turned bad?’ Figuring that out together was such a learning experience. She has more experience than I do if you look at the bigger picture, because she had prior work before WWE. But I think what we did, in working together in those first matches, tours and live events… I took that circumstance and she took what she was given.. it was maybe just a good introduction to that. It made us both want to work harder, and now she’s [come on] leaps and bounds.”

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