WWE RAW Report – 6/1/2020

Jun 1, 2020 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the normal intro video. We’re live on tape from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe. We see WWE NXT developmental trainees in the crowd as “fans” as the announcers hype the show – WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. MVP, RAW Women’s Champion Asuka vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, The Viking Raiders vs. The Street Profits in a game of bowling, plus we will hear from Rey Mysterio.

– We go right to the ring and out first comes Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory. Tom mentions Rollins hosting a retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio. Rollins and his group are booed by the “fans” in the crowd. We see how Theory and Murphy defeated Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black last week. The crowd chants “you suck!” at Rollins now.

Rollins says this is a huge night at RAW with a lot going on. He brings up his match with Black happening in the next few minutes. Black has left Rollins no choice but to enlighten him himself. Rollins says Rey will be on RAW later tonight to speak to everyone. He believes Rey won’t be able to announce his own retirement and that’s understandable so Rollins has taken it upon himself to handle that formality for Rey.

Rollins goes on about Rey being sacrificed for the greater good of RAW. If that isn’t legendary, Rollins doesn’t know what is. Rollins goes on and says he’s prepared a video package to honor the career of Rey. We see that video now. The video also shows Rollins recently hurting Rey. Rollins comes back and says it would be his honor to personally retire Rey. The music interrupts and out comes Black. Black rushes the ring and unloads on Rollins. Black clears the ring and wants more. We go to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Aleister Black

Back from the break and the bell rings. Seth Rollins and Aleister Black stare each other up and down. Black strikes first with. Back and forth in the middle of the ring now. Black takes it to the corner with strikes and the referee warns him to back off.

Rollins fights back but Black sends him to the floor retreating. Rollins ends up pulling Black to the floor but Black kicks him in the gut. Black rolls Rollins back in but Rollins dropkicks him to the mat. Rollins mounts Black with right hands. Rollins kicks and stomp while his disciples look on. Rollins with a snap suplex for a 2 count.

The crowd tries to rally for Black now while Rollins grounds him. Black fights up and out but Rollins lands another dropkick. More back and forth now. Rollins misses a stomp and an enziguri. Black nails a big kick to the head. Rollins sends Black over the top rope to the floor face-first. Rollins directs Theory and Murphy to approach Black.

The music interrupts and out comes Humberto Carrillo out with a steel chair. He stands over Black and stops Rollins’ disciples from dong any damage. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has Black down in the corner. Black tries to fight back. Rollins misses a dropkick. Rollins fights Black off but runs into a big kick. Rollins with a Slingblade for a 2 count. Rollins keeps control and hits the running knee in the corner as the crowd boos. Rollins dominates and plays to the crowd for more boos.

Rollins comes off the top with a knee but Black dodges it and goes to work. Black with a sliding boot and some posing for cheers from the crowd. Black goes on to hit the moonsault for a 2 count. More back and forth on the mat. Black with a big kick to the head and a German suplex for a close 2 count. Rollins fights back and hits a Falcon Arrow for a 2 count.

Rollins fights back on the apron now as Black has control. Black ends up sending Rollins into the ring post and then the floor. Black nails a moonsault from the apron as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins blocks a superplex and sends Black to the mat. Rollins with a Frogsplash for a close 2 count. Black dodges the Stomp and locks in the armbar on Rollins. Rollins gets free and waits for Black on the apron. Rollins springboards in but Black cuts him off with a big knee. Black looks for Black Mass but Theory and Murphy distract him from the apron. Carrillo distracts them. This leads to Black getting the upset win over Rollins.

Winner: Aleister Black

– After the bell, everyone is shocked at the win. Rollins orders Theory and Murphy to attack Black and they do. Carrillo gets involved but he’s also beaten up in the ring. Rollins nails a Stomp on Carrillo while Theory and Murphy hold Black, forcing him to watch. Rollins taunts Black and talks more trash to him, then hits a Stomp while the crowd boos him. Rollins’ music starts back up as he stands tall with Theory and Murphy. We go to replays. Rollins poses on the ramp with his disciples.

– The announcers plug the return of RAW Talk with hosts Charly Caruso and Samoa Joe. The show premieres tonight after RAW goes off the air.

– We get a look back at Apollo Crews winning the United States Title from Andrade last week.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Angel Garza and Zelina Vega now. She shows Garza’s controversial win over Kevin Owens from last week. Vega interrupts Caruso but Garza interrupts her and says he’s got this. Garza flirts some with Caruso. Vega says they believe the win over Owens was triumphant because he saw something and took it. Garza flirts some more and Vega rolls her eyes at them. Garza walks off. Vega grabs the rose Caruso received from Garza, rips it up and smiles as she walks off.

– Still to come, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels talks Edge vs. Randy Orton. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video for Randy Orton vs. WWE Hall of Famer Edge at WWE Backlash. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels provides comments on the match and picks The Rated R Superstar to win.

– We see what happened between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley last week. MVP is backstage with Lana now. They have some words and Lana slaps MVP in the face after they accuse each other of trying to use Lashley. She walks off and we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a video on Rey Mysterio and what Seth Rollins did earlier tonight.

– Kayla Braxton is in the ring now. She brings out new WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews to a pop from the “fans” at ringside.

Braxton congratulates Crews and he talks about how he can’t believe he’s standing here as champion. She brings up tonight’s title defense and asks if he’s decided on who his opponent will be. There are a lot of Superstars he’d like to defend against but this Superstar he’s picking is truly deserving – Kevin Owens. The music hits and out comes Owens.

WWE United States Title Match: Kevin Owens vs. Apollo Crews

Kevin Owens comes out and hits the ring with a mic as Apollo Crews waits. Owens congratulates Crews and they shake hands first. Owens appreciates the offer and he’s certainly not one to turn down a title shot here in WWE, especially since it’s been a while since he had one, but he feels like this is almost coming out of pity, especially after what happened between he and Angel Garza last week. Crews says it’s all about respect, not pity. Owens says then Garza will get what’s coming to him soon enough. Owens says he does feel bad… because now Crews’ first title reign is going to be a real short one. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome now.

Back and forth to start between the two. Crews with a big dropkick for a quick 1 count. They end up tangling on the apron and the floor now. Owens with a big senton from the apron to the floor on Crews. Owens brings it back in and ends up hitting another senton but Crews kicks out. Owens goes for a Pop-Up Powerbomb but the kick may have been low as Crews goes down holding himself. The referee checks on Crews and the replay makes it hard to tell if it was a low blow.

The referee checks on Crews again but he wants to continue. Owens is frustrated as fans rally for Crews. The referee backs Owens off. Crews gets up and they start trading big strikes, brawling back to the floor together. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and they’re trading big strikes in the middle of the ring. Crews unloads. Owens headbutts him. Owens runs into a boot. Crews with a powerslam for a close 2 count. Owens blocks an Olympic Slam. Owens levels Crews with a big superkick for another close pin attempt. Owens jumps to the second rope and nails a moonsault for another close 2 count.

Crews dodges the Pop-Up Powerbomb again, then hits an enziguri. Crews with the Olympic Slam for a close 2 count. Crews with a standing moonsault for another close 2 count in the middle of the ring. Crews with a big running splash in the corner. Crews backs up and runs again, nailing another splash. Owens is still standing. Crews runs and misses this time. Owens drops him with a superkick. Owens goes to the top for the senton but Crews gets his knees up and Owens lands hard.

Angel Garza and Andrade suddenly rush the ring with Zelina Vega right behind them. The referee calls the match.

No Contest

– After the bell, Garza and Andrade send Crews and Owens to the floor as Vega joins them in the ring. They stand tall and are all smiles as the crowd boos them. Back to commercial.

Angel Garza and Andrade vs. Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens

Back from the break and the match is underway as Kevin Owens issued the challenge during the commercial. Andrade unloads on WWE United States Champion Apollo Crews n the corner. Angel Garza takes over as Zelina Vega cheers them on from ringside.

Garza ends up leveling Crews in mid-air and then tossing his tights at Owens on the apron. Garza grounds Crews and works him over. Andrade tags back in for the quick double team. Andrade stomps away on Crews now. Andrade with a running boot to the face. Garza tags back in for more double teaming. Garza with a 2 count on Crews. Garza grounds Crews again.

Crews blocks the Wing Clipper and tags in Owens. Owens chases Garza but Andrade tags in. Owens gets dropped with a cheap shot as Garza shows off on the apron. Andrade grounds Owens and works on the hurt knee, applying a single-leg Boston Crab. Owens breaks free but Andrade stops the tag. Andrade and Owens trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Owens with an inverted Atomic Drop and a big clothesline. Owens with the senton. Owens looks for a cannonball on Andrade but Garza distracts him from the apron. Owens gets dropped by Andrade. Crews tags back in but Andrade hits a snap suplex.

Crews blocks the next suplex with an Olympic Slam. Garza takes out Owens’ knee to prevent a tag from the floor. Owens gets sent into the announce table as Crews and Andrade tangle in the ring. Andrade rolls Crews up and tries to use his feet on the ropes for leverage. Crews with a big enziguri and the sitdown powerbomb to Andrade for the pin to win.

Winners: Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens

– After the match, Crews stands tall as his music hits. Owens joins him in the ring and they embrace, and raise their arms. We go to replays.

– Kayla is backstage with Asuka now. She’s confident about beating Nia Jax at Backlash and regarding Charlotte Flair tonight, she says Asuka is always better while Flair stays the same. The Empress never bows down to anyone. She walks off.

– Still to come, a game of bowling between The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits. Back to commercial.

– It’s time for the bowling battle between RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders. They’re at a local bowling alley with lots of comedy. The same woman from the past two segments appears, the one who keeps giving Ivar a pass because he’s cute, but doesn’t think Erik is cute. Midnight bowling hits and The Profits step it up. Angelo Dawkins calls it “smoke season” as they taunt The Vikings. Erik sends a ball down the alley with Ivar attached to it. Strike. The Vikings win to tie their non-wrestling feud up at 2-2.

– We see what happened last week between The IIconics and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Billie Kay vs. Nikki Cross

We go back to the ring and The IIconics’ music hits but the camera cuts backstage to the two teams arguing. WWE Producer Adam Pearce appears and gets in between them. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross goes at it with Billie Kay to start. Women’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss and Peyton Royce are at ringside. Cross fights Kay off and takes her from turnbuckle to turnbuckle for a pop. Kay goes down. Cross keeps control and nails a dropkick for a 2 count. Kay kicks Cross away and then levels her with a big running boot. Cross kicks out at 2.

Kay argues with the referee now. Kay takes Cross to the corner and kicks away. Kay with a boot to the throat now as the referee warns her. Kay with a suplex for a 2 count. Kay talks trash to Bliss and Cross rolls her up for a 2 count. Cross looks to mount offense but Kay levels her with a big right hand for another close 2 count. Kay grounds Cross in the middle of the ring now. Kay keeps Cross grounded and taunts her while Royce does the same at ringside. Cross tries to fight up and out but Kay drops her with a backbreaker. Kay does her IIconics pose.

Kay drops an elbow on Cross for another close 2 count. Kay argues with the referee some more and Bliss just laughs at her. The crowd boos. Kay slaps Cross around and taunts her. Cross fights back. Cross takes Kay down with a running forearm. Cross with a running shot to the corner and a bulldog for a pop. Cross goes to the apron and uses the middle rope to kick Kay back. Cross goes to the top for a crossbody but Kay moves and she hits the mat hard. Kay grabs Cross and hits the Boyfriend Stealer for the pin to win.

Winner: Billie Kay

– After the match, Bliss checks on Cross in the ring. The IIconics pose on the ramp as their music hits.

– Charly is backstage with Drew McIntyre, asking if he’s concerned about Bobby Lashley when it comes to facing MVP tonight. Drew loves challenges and if MVP wants to get back in the ring to take another Claymore, that’s fine with him. Lashley can have another one too. Drew goes on about lining everyone who wants one up and giving them a one-way ticket to Claymore Country. He walks off.

– Still to come, an injury update from Rey Mysterio. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Tom announces Seth Rollins, The Viking Raiders and RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits for the return of RAW Talk on the WWE Network later tonight. Joe and Charly are the hosts.

– We go to Rey Mysterio, who is checking in live from his home. Rey isn’t sure if or when he can return after Tom asks him about the eye injury. Joe asks Rey if he will retire and Rey says he doesn’t know. He could be cleared to return in a few weeks or he could never get cleared. He definitely wants to give an answer, we just don’t know yet but it has been a question he’s been thinking about for some time. Joe asks if there’s anything at all Rey would like to address about Seth Rollins’ retirement ceremony for him tonight. Rey says Rollins carries a lot of negativity to be a Messiah. Rey says for Rollins to say Rey was chosen as a sacrifice is just wrong. Rey says he wasn’t chosen by some higher power. Rollins tried sidelining him.

Rey’s son Dominick appears and says what his dad is trying to say is Rollins is no Messiah, he’s barely a higher power. Dominick says something needs to be done, something by a member of this family. Rey tells his son to chill but Dominick asks how can he chill. Rollins is full of a bunch of BS and we both know that. Rey talks Dominick down and thanks everyone for reaching out and their concerns, adding that it truly means the world to he and his family. Rey knows they’re looking for an official statement on Rollins’ retirement ceremony so here it is. Rey says damn Rollins for everything he’s put Rey and his family through. Rey’s family helplessly watched as Rollins jammed his eye into the steel steps. Rey goes on about how hard it was for his family to watch. Rey goes on and says he truly is a man of forgiveness but he will never forgive Rollins for what he did to him and put his family through. Damn you, Rey says to Rollins again. Rey walks off but Dominick stares into the camera. Dominick says Rollins is a man of scripture so… an eye for an eye. Dominick walks off now.

Nia Jax vs. Kairi Sane

We go back to the ring and out comes Nia Jax as the “fans” in the crowd boo her. Jax takes the mic and says she did not start this feud with RAW Women’s Champion Asuka and Kairi Sane. Jax says she has been attacked by them both repeatedly, a classic 2-on-1 attack. She warns everyone not to fall for their acts, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Asuka didn’t win the title, she was given it because of hormones. Because Becky Lynch got all pregnant and felt guilty because she couldn’t wrestle. She goes on and promises to expose Asuka. Jax’s music hits. Tom hypes tonight’s appearance by WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Tom shows us last week’s video promos from R-Truth and WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski, where they issued warnings to each other. We see video from earlier today, of Gronk with the title at his house. His friend is filming him do a TikTok video. We see R-Truth dressed as the gardener. Gronk’s friend tells him not to worry. Gronk’s friend takes off his jacket to reveal a WWE referee t-shirt. This leads to Truth getting the pin and the title. Truth taunts Gronk and runs off with the belt. Gronk’s friend says Gronk has a new career now that he needs to focus on, he’s with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gronk is upset but he’s thinking about it. End of the segment. We go back to the ring and out comes Sane as Jax waits.

We see Asuka backstage watching as Sane enters the ring. Jax takes control and starts dominating early on. Sane jumps on her back with a Sleeper hold. Jax goes down to her knees as Sane tightens the hold. Sane comes out of the hold and unloads with strikes. Sane with kicks to the head but Jax is still on her knees. Sane with more strikes for a pop.

Sane goes to the top but Jax meets her with a big headbutt. Jax brings Sane off the top for a powerslam but Sane turns it into a DDT but Sane can’t put her away. Sane stomps around and gets the crowd hyped up. Sane with the sliding knee in the corner. Sane goes back to the top but Jax rolls to the floor for a breather as the crowd boos her. Sane runs the ropes for a baseball slide but Jax moves. Jax slams Sane face-first into the apron. Jax pulls Sane out and launches her face-first into the steel ring steps. The referee checks on Sane.

Jax grabs Sane and brings her back in as the crowd boos. Jax drops the big leg over Sane and covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Nia Jax

– After the bell, Jax stands tall as her music hits. Asuka hits the ring and stares Jax down. Jax backs away and exits the ring as the “fans” cheer Asuka on. Jax makes her exit as her music hits.

– We get a look back at last week’s promo by WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Randy Orton is shown backstage watching. Back to commercial.

– Randy Orton is backstage now. Orton talks about how he’s been catching up on WWE Network content and he noticed how everyone thinks WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is the greatest to ever do it. He agreed but then he tuned in to RAW last week and saw The Nature Boy say Orton is the best to lace up the boots. Orton tells Edge that he once said the same. Edge also said, two weeks ago, that Orton didn’t have a passion for the business and he was handed everything, and he just did this for the paycheck. Edge said Orton was complacent and he was right. Orton says Edge can’t stand it that he’s phoned it in and half-assed it, and still accomplished more than anyone else in the back. Orton says Edge scratched and clawed to pretend to be the heroes from his childhood. Orton just had to come in and lace up his boots to prove he was the best. Orton says at Backlash he will prove he’s better than Edge. Orton brags about setting the bait and Edge went for it. Orton says Edge’s storybook ending will be re-written by the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – RKO.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

We go back to the ring for tonight’s non-title Champion vs. Champion match as WWE NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair makes her way out. She poses in the ring and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Flair is in the ring with a mic. She taunts and has more words for the developmental talents in the crowd after they boo her. Flair wants one of them to be the next Rhea Ripley or Io Shirai and step up to the throne so she can make them bow down. Speaking of bowing down, Flair knows a woman who has a history of bowing down – our RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. Flair goes on about Asuka’s accomplishments and says it seems like The Empress wants to be like The Queen. The music interrupts and out comes Asuka for this non-title match as the “fans” cheer her on.

Back and forth with some taunting and showing up to start. Flair shoves Asuka and kicks her in the gut. Flair talks trash while taking Asuka to the corner head-first. Asuka blocks a shot but Flair drops her with a strike. Flair with a big chop and another, and another into the corner. Flair keeps control and lands a knee. Flair drops Asuka and keeps control as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Flair shows off and wastes time as she keeps Asuka down. Flair focuses on the knee now. Asuka dodges a shot to the leg and rolls Flair up for a 2 count. Flair comes right back and unloads with knees into the injured knee. Asuka comes out of the corner with an elbow but Flair rocks her and Asuka goes down. Flair misses another shot to the knee. Flair comes right back and drops Asuka with a shot to the face. Flair talks more trash but Asuka fights back and gets to her feet.

Asuka unloads with strikes now. Flair blocks the spinning back-fist with a kick to the knee, taking Asuka back down. Asuka comes right back with a big high kick to the face. Asuka keeps control and hits a Hip Attack in the corner. Asuka goes on and lands a German suplex. Asuka with a Shining Wizard for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring.

The crowd rallies some for Asuka as she goes to the top. Asuka misses on the way down. Flair misses the Natural Selection. Asuka goes for the armbar but Flair resists. Asuka transitions into the triangle but Flair drops forearms on her to try and break free. Flair powers up and turns Asuka’s submission into a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Asuka flips out for a 2 count. Asuka goes into a kneebar but Flair powers up once again and hits a big German suplex. Flair fights Asuka off with a big back elbow. Asuka catches Flair with another armbar in the middle of the ring. Flair powers up once again and turns the submission into a big sitdown powerbomb. Asuka still kicks out.

More back and forth now. Asuka kicks the Figure Four attempt away. Flair knocks Asuka off the apron with a big boot. Asuka lands outside of the ring. Asuka’s music hits and out comes Nia Jax mocking Asuka, wearing one of her masks. Asuka walks up the ramp and gets counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Charlotte Flair

– Asuka turns back to look at the referee, then turns right back around to a big clothesline on the ramp from Jax. The trainees boo Jax. Jax stands over Asuka and drops the mask over her. Jax, with Asuka’s face paint under her eyes, stares down as her music plays.

– Charly is backstage with Lana, asking about MVP vs. Drew McIntyre. We see a replay of her earlier backstage segment with MVP where she said MVP is trying to use Her Bobby to revive his washed up career. MVP denied it and said Lana is trying to do the same thing. Lana then slapped MVP and walked off. Charly says Lashley has asked Lana to stay away from ringside so she doesn’t distract. Charly asks Lana if she thanks that’s Lashley or MVP’s idea. Lana says she’s not sure. Actually she knows that wasn’t Her Bobby, he would never do that. Her Bobby requested she stay away from the ring during his match, but he never said anything about MVP’s match. Lana giggles and walks off. Back to commercial.

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP

Back from the break and out first comes Bobby Lashley. MVP is out next for tonight’s non-title main event. MVP greets Lashley as he enters the ring. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is out next for a pop.

Drew poses with the title before we get ready to go. Lana’s music hits and out she comes before they get going. Drew smiles but MVP and Lashley aren’t happy. Lana walks around Lashley at ringside. The bell rings and Drew unloads on MVP in the corner. MVP fights out but Drew turns it right back around and beats him down in the corner.

Drew with big chops in the corner as Lashley looks on. Drew blocks a shot from MVP and levels him with a clothesline. Drew drops MVP with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt, sending him out of the ring to the floor. Drew goes out and stares at Lashley to warn him. MVP takes advantage of the distraction, sending Drew into the steel steps and then the Plexiglas barrier.

MVP brings Drew back in and floors him with a big boot. MVP covers but Drew kicks out at 1. MVP strikes but Drew clotheslines him again. Drew keeps control as Lashley looks worried. Drew goes to the top and nails the flying right hand to MVP. Drew kips up for another pop. Drew waits in the corner for MVP to get up. Lashley pulls MVP out to safety before the Claymore Kick can be delivered.

Drew runs and launches himself over the top rope to the floor, taking Lashley and MVP down. Drew returns to the ring with MVP and counts down, then delivers a big Claymore for the pin to win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– After the bell, Lashley immediately hits the ring before Drew can get to his feet from the pin. Lashley applies the Full Nelson to Drew and manhandles him in the middle of the ring for a few seconds. RAW goes off the air with Drew still stuck in the Full Nelson.

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