Rules Revealed For WWE’s Brand to Brand Invitation on Smackdown

May 16, 2020 - by James Walsh

The details for WWE’s new Brand to Brand Invitation initiative were revealed on tonight’s episode of Smackdown. On tonight’s episode, Charlotte Flair made the first crossover appearance under the initiative and Michael Cole discussed the rules of the program. 

Under the Brand to Brand Invitation, superstars will be able to appear on the opposite brand four times a year. So for example, Flair’s appearance tonight means that she only has three left. It isn’t clear if the “per year” is calendar year or a year from the initiative’s start. 

NXT is not included in the Brand to Brand Invitation, so Flair’s appearances there as NXT Women’s Champion do not count toward her total allowed crossovers. The rule is a modified and simplified take on the Wild Card Rule, which allowed up to four wrestlers to cross brands each week but often saw five or more make the jump.

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