The SmackDown Hacker Releases Another Video

May 3, 2020 - by James Walsh

The Smackdown hacker struck again today. The mysterious figure released a new video message on Twitter today, once again promising, “The truth will be heard.” Over the course of the video, there’s footage of someone signing into an account and also unlocking a phone with their passcode. You can view the new video message from the Smackdown hacker below.

The video also flashes the coordinates, 28.5623° N, 81.2907° W. These coordinates are for the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. At the end, there’s another message that audibly states, “Let the games begin.” The Smackdown hacker has been promising to deliver his or her message and that the truth will be heard for weeks.

Recently, the hacker trolled the WWE Universe with a GIF image of a loading screen. The loading screen only led to a message that said, “You have successfuly wasted 10 seconds of your life!”

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