Purrazzo Explains She Pitched A All Womens Faction In NXT but Fell on Deaf Ears

Apr 30, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Deonna Purrazzo Explains She Pitched A All Womens Faction In NXT but Fell on Deaf Ears & Chelsea Green Explains The Faction That was meant to be

While speaking to Fightful, Deonna Purrazzo explained that she pitched an idea for a stable in NXT. She is very close with Chelsea Green and Rachel Evers. They wants to form a stable, but WWE Agents just wasn’t interested.

“[I] thought out character ideas, vignettes for me as a tag team, for vignettes of me, Chelsea (Green), and Rachel (Evers) as a trio, for myself,” she continued. “I just invested a lot of me in different ways that they could use me and use my potential and it did fall on deaf ears. Because when I got opportunities they were given to other people because ‘I wasn’t ready,’ and I didn’t let it slide.”

Speaking of the Faction, While chatting with Spencer Love of Win Column Sports Network, Chelsea Green opened up about her Recent Released best friend Deonna Purrazzo – who I had the pleasure of chatting with recently.

One note was on the potential of VXT – a faction made up of Green, Purrazzo, and Rachael Evers. Green would state that VXT was Rachael Evers’ idea.

“It was just a short version of the word ‘vexed’ – which Rachael Ellering came up with. She saw it and pitched it to Deonna and myself, for the three of us to be a strong, badass, Charlie’s Angels-type of group. We truly wanted to be the Undisputed Era of the girls.

Green would go on to say VXT fit so well because “vexed” means “to bring trouble, to cause a reckoning”, but that shortening it to VXT was “perfect for chants and NXT rip-offs” as well as being “just a badass word”.

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