Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordeiro talks about the impact of the global pandemic

Apr 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“We were actually planning to return to Worcester at the end of April to open a wrestling school. That was going to be in conjunction with the return of our weekly series ‘Uncharted Territory.’ That would’ve culminated with our signature ‘Americanrana’ event in early July, and it was going to be the biggest thing we would’ve run up to this point. Our agreement was that we would’ve been running weekly events for the entire year, but obviously that’s not realistic now. So, we’re still able to reach fans with digital content, and then we also work hand-in-hand with Independent Wrestling TV, which has increased their programming with streaming. We’re trying to find any shows that haven’t previously been released and get them over to IWTV, and if people sign up using promo code ‘Beyond’ we’d get a kick back from that, which helps us pay for some day-to-day stuff. With that in mind we’re in a bit better shape than most.”


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