WWE releases Curt Hawkins despite his wife being pregnant

Apr 19, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Curt Hawkins’ wife wrote in her blog about his recent WWE release. This was terrible timing considering the world’s current events. It was even worse for them as she is currently pregnant as well.

“1 year ago, I left my job in advertising to be a stay at home Mom. I started to learn photography, envious of my husband’s passion for doing something that he loved – wrestling. I am beyond grateful that I was ever even able to be a SAHM in this expensive world that we live in. Getting home at 6:30 wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, I wanted to be home with my daughter and see my husband when he was home.

On Wednesday April 15th, Brian was released from his WWE contract. There was notice that morning that layoffs would begin and our anxiety kicked into full gear. Not just for ourselves, but friends and loved ones that this could potentially happen to. Brian just needed to know if it was happening to him or not and I was praying the phone didn’t ring. Well, the phone rang and I broke down. You can’t really break down for long when your almost 3 year old is running around chasing bubbles, but I cried. There is so much uncertainty in the world, it’s terrifying. One week prior, they had wanted him to fly to Orlando to film for RAW and the next week they are getting rid of people. I went from being scared of my husband coming home from work with the Coronavirus to days later him getting fired.”

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“Why do I feel helpless? For starters, I am 30 weeks pregnant. It’s not the most satisfying feeling when your husband loses his job and you don’t have one for you both to fall back on. I always said the past year, if I needed to get back into work I could and would get back into my field(thinking like 4-5 years if his contract didn’t renew), not expecting him to lose his job when I’m 2 months away from having our child let alone during a pandemic. Though I don’t regret my time at home, I do feel guilt and anxiety about the decision I made last year with a new baby on the way but this is something I just have to deal with right now.”

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