Hulk Hogan Defends Ronda Rousey

Apr 13, 2020 - by James Walsh

Hulk Hogan, who recently offered a questionable take on the Coronavirus pandemic, has decided to weigh in with his thoughts on the Ronda Rousey situation from over the weekend. If you missed it, Rousey said in an interview that pro wrestling was fake fighting, which did not sit well with wrestling fans. It didn’t sit well with wrestlers either as Lana, Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax all expressed their irritation (at best) with Rousey. 

Rousey concluded her point by saying anyone upset has never been in a real fight, and the ‘marks’ had worked themselves into a shoot. That tweet was in itself a reference to something Hogan wrote in 2011. 

Rousey replied: “Thank you Balgrin!! I learned from the best!! the Browsey House loves you!!” 

Balgrin is a reference to Rousey previously saying that was how she pronounced ‘Hogan’ as a kid.

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