Schiavone on Warrior: “the common denominator is the Ultimate Warrior was the sh-ts”

Apr 3, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo Credit: WWE


3:34:00 Schiavone on the Ultimate Warrior: “I know it is not really cool to talk about somebody who is no longer with us, but the common denominator is the Ultimate Warrior was the shits. Not only in the ring, but as a person as well, and that’s well documented. Lisa Murphy, who was the one that, was my assistant, she ended up being hired by the Ultimate Warrior to be his personal assistant. She called me about it, and I said don’t do it. He is not known for being a nice guy. She lived in Connecticut. She packed up everything and drove her shit in a U-Haul van to Arizona to be with him and when she got there, he fired her after she drove all the way there. She called Lois and I crying miserably I think we gave her money to drive back.

(thanks to Chris Siggia)

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