Edge Explains Why WrestleMania 36 Must Go On as Planned

Mar 23, 2020 - by James Walsh

Edge recently spoke to Digital Spy about WrestleMania 36 and why the show must go on. Highlights are below. 

On WrestleMania 36 going on as scheduled: “This year more than any year we are all in the midst of something we have never experienced before, the world really needs outlets. Whether that is books, whether that is movies, whatever it is, just to be able to try and forget and laugh and have fun and remember what it is to be human. That’s why we’re doing this. There’s one reason. That’s the reason. As long we can try and be as responsible and as safe as we can, why wouldn’t we try and do this for everyone? As a performer, that’s what we want to do. If we can do that and if people watch and can have fun for a few hours then our mission is accomplished. It’s a privilege, it’s an honour, it’s also a responsibility – and it’s one that I know all of us don’t take lightly. There’s a reason the show is going on. Those are the reasons why.” 

On his Royal Rumble return: “At the Royal Rumble, that was the first time I ever felt nerves. Once the music hit, then it was just… you can’t explain it. You can’t do it justice. There is no way to explain this melting pot of things that all came together, after nine years being off and being forced to retire. It is a story that has never happened before and to be in the centre of that is just overwhelming, it really is. I don’t know if I have fully wrapped my mind around the whole thing.”

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