Update on Reason For WWE Co-President Departures

Feb 8, 2020 - by James Walsh

New details in the latest report on why WWE Co-Presidents George Barrios and Michelle WIlson left the company suggest that it was over recent expenditures. The WON reports that Barrios and Wilson disagreed with Vince McMahon about how to use the money brought in from WWE’s TV contracts signed with USA Network and FOX that went into effect last fall. 

According to the report, Wilson and Barrios wanted to use the money to increase profits and build the stock price up. McMahon, on the other hand, wanted to increase profits, but also invest in signing, keeping and stockpiling talent, as well as create more regional branches like they’ve done with NXT UK, and try to regain the worldwide dominance WWE has had which has started to ebb in the wake of AEW and NJPW’s rise. 

WWE has been attempting to establish an NXT branch in Japan according to various reports over the past year, including attempts to buy Dragon Gate and Pro Wrestling NOAH which did not pan out. The company also launched a Performance Center in the UK to boost the NXT UK brand, and has been offering big money to talents to keep them from leaving.

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