Jazzy Gabert: “NXT UK was so different from SmackDown or Raw”

Feb 4, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Jazzy Gabert talks about why she left WWE:

“It was difficult because WWE was always my dream since I was a little kid. But to be honest, NXT UK was so different from SmackDown or Raw which is what I was dreaming of. I asked if there was a chance to move up and their typical answer was that creative had nothing for you. I had just one month with NXT UK so we had the Performance Center for 10 days and then tapings. But for me that was not enough. I want to do it full time and be on the road all the time. So I was searching for other projects doing TV stuff and acting. It was successful and they were like, ‘Wow! You’re awesome and we really want to work with you.’ It was all or nothing so I had to make the decision and it was hard.”

source: Wrestling Inc.

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