More on Van Hammer’s Arrest for Hit & Run and DUI

Jan 28, 2020 - by James Walsh

PWInsider has more details on the arrest of former WCW star Mark “Van Hammer” Hildreth. As reported yesterday, Hildreth was arrested for DUI after he hit a five-year old boy with his vehicle.

Hildreth has been pulled from April’s Wrestlecon.

Additionally, The Washington Times News has this quote from an eyewitness, Eric Tilghman, who was driving with a friend when he saw the accident.

“The father picked up the son off the road The kid was crying. The dad was crying,” Tilghman said. “The guy was out of the car. I’m looking at the guy and he’s getting back in the car. We’re yelling at him, ‘Don’t you leave. Don’t you leave!’”

Hildreth did allegedly then leave, at which point Tilghman followed him to his home, taking photos along the way. Hildreth was eventually found sitting on his front steps and was taken into custody.

He’s facing a felony charge of hit and run with failure to stop in a crash involving others, DUI with injuries to another person, and leaving the scene of an injury crash.

Hildreth has two previous DUIs, one in Texas in 1985 and one in Georgia in 2004.

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