Rocky Johnson’s Best Friend Clears Up Rumor Surrounding Vince McMahon’s Behavior At Funeral

Jan 24, 2020 - by James Walsh

Rocky Johnson was laid to rest on Tuesday by friends and family of the WWE Hall of Famer. Following the funeral, Billy Graham posted a lengthy message on Facebook where he said Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson engaged in inappropriate behavior at the funeral. 

Graham wrote: 

“My mother in law is friends with Rocky’s wife as they would sit together at the bi -monthly wrestling reunion held in Tampa. My wife’s mom told Valerie that there were 2 low points to the service which was by invitation only with about 100 people attending. One was by Vince, who got up to speak and said the following, ‘ Rocky did 1 good thing in his life, he married Ata and had some kids. ‘ Then he did his ‘working strut’ off the platform and sat down and that was it. Classless ass hole. 

“Then Pat Patterson was asked to speak and said some very nice things about working with Rocky in San Fransisco, some of those matches were with me as Patterson’s tag partner against The High Chief, Peter Maivia and Rocky. Then, out of no where Patterson goes into this rant and called Rocky Johnson, laying dead in the casket right below him, a mother F- er and started this vulgar rant about how worthless Rocky was and a bunch of guys had to drag Patterson off the church platform and sit him down. So disgustingly disrespectful it’s beyond words. Patterson who just turned 81 must be losing his mind literally. Only in pro wrestling folks, very sad to hear about this and I actually feel a bit ill over this bizarre behavior.” 

Devon Nicholson of Hannibal TV read a message from Harry Smith, who was also at the funeral. The message claimed Vince and Patterson were “out to lunch” and he wondered if they were both drunk. The message backed statements made by Graham and he wondered if Patterson was going senile. 

Johnson’s best friend Al Rosen said in an interview with Hannibal that no one from the Johnson family was offended at the funeral and were appreciative of everyone that attended. 

Vince was not scheduled to speak according to Rosen, but his speech was described as “exactly what Rocky would want someone to say about him.” 

He noted that Patterson didn’t always use “church language” but that no one pulled Patterson off the stage. 

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