Cedric Alexander is reportedly On the Outs with Vince McMahon

Sep 17, 2019 - by James Walsh

During Sunday’s WWE Clash of Champions 2019 event, the AJ Styles vs. Cedric Alexander match was announced for the Kickoff pre-show after the Kickoff show had already started. Styles would end up going on to beat Alexander in less than five minutes. The next night on Raw, Styles pinned Alexander again in a six-man tag match, where Alexander and The Viking Raiders faced The OC. According to Dave Meltzer on today’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, when asked by Bryan Alvarez on what was going on with the booking of Alexander, Meltzer stated that a source informed him that Vince McMahon “wanted to bury” Cedric Alexander. 

Meltzer stated, “I was told last night that Vince McMahon wanted to bury him.” So, this was before Alexander would go on to lose again on Raw. Alvarez speculated that it’s because McMahon has a short attention span and that if you aren’t over in about four weeks, you aren’t capable of getting over in the eyes of Vince McMahon, and then McMahon will bury you on TV.

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