WWE Receiving $50 Million or More a Year From USA Network for NXT

Aug 20, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

During today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, which was record before WWE officially announced the NXT to USA Network move, Dave Meltzer discussed some of the rumored financial numbers for the deal. According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is getting paid “$50 million or more” a year for NXT.

As noted previously, the early talk was that NXT would be moving to FOX Sports 1. That seemed to make sense with the Smackdown Live move to the FOX Network, plus a brand-new WWE “news” show that will air on FS1. However, Meltzer stated that one of the key reasons Vince McMahon made the USA Network deal was due to wrestling fans’ familiarity with WWE and wrestling on the USA Network. Plus, Monday Night Raw on USA will be able to promote NXT on Wednesday nights.

Meltzer added that it was a tough decision for WWE officials to make as there were good points for both networks, such as synergy with the WWE programming on FOX and FS1. Regarding the money WWE will make for the USA Network deal, Meltzer said, “The bottom is $50 million,” suggesting that WWE could be making $50 million or more a year from the deal.

By comparison, the FOX Network deal for Smackdown Live is $205 million a year. Additionally, USA Network already pays WWE $265 million per year for Monday Night Raw.

Because of the broadcast rights from the USA Network, Meltzer noted that this will make NXT for the first time a profitable brand for WWE. Up until this point, NXT has apparently been losing money for the promotion.

Meltzer stated that it’s still “to be determined” if NXT will broadcast at Full Sail University every week or every other week. He added that things can change depending on a “million different factors,” but this is what NXT will be doing “at the start.” He added that ratings will play a big impact on changes that could be made to NXT, stating, “I mean, if they’re not doing good in the ratings, they’re going to have Roman Reigns on the show every week. That’s just how it’s going to be.”

NXT debuts on the USA Network on Wednesday, September 18.

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