Becky Lynch rips Sasha Banks a new one during live interview on Sky Sports

Aug 9, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

In a live interview on Sky Sports’ social media, Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch ripped Sasha Banks a new one after a fan submitted a question asking how much she would like to wrestle Banks.

Lynch said if Banks could hack it and she wouldn’t just go off crying like Ronda Rousey, she would love to wrestle her. “But unfortunately, she couldn’t take losing. She lost the Tag Team championship and she was gone. She was gone. Some people can’t hack losing. They can’t step up. They can’t realize that when you lose it’s just a chance to get better, a chance to learn, and it’s a chance to grow,” Lynch said.

The champ then made fun of Sasha’s social media posts with all the butterflies, animals, and other weird stuff she posts. “Come fight me Sasha if you want it,” a fired-up Lynch said looking at the camera.

“Okay, well, that clarified that one,” the Sky Sports reporter responded.

Sasha has not been seen on WWE television ever since her loss at WrestleMania 35.

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