Balor: “I won’t train for more than an hour”

Aug 9, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Finn Balor talks about his workout routine:

“If I go into a regular gym, I will sit on the bike for six minutes simply to transition my brain from being in civilization to the gym. Not for any sort of calorie burn or warmup or anything like that. Don’t ask me why it’s six minutes, that’s just a weird OCD thing that I have. And I won’t train for more than an hour. There will be a long period beforehand with some active stretching, and then I’ll do a little bit of accessory work first. I won’t do anything that’s going to jeopardize what I do in the ring, so I’m not going to do any heavy squats, any heavy deadlifts. I’m more worried about the accessory work and making sure all the joints are in place with rotation, especially with my shoulder injuries in the past. I want to do all that accessory work first when I’m fresh, I’m concentrating, I’m focused, and then I’ll hit a little bit hypertrophy bodybuilding towards the end, but we’re talking maybe three drop sets of rows, or something like that.”

source: GQ

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