Drake Maverick ready to pin pregnant Maria Kanellis to regain his 24/7 title

Aug 1, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Drake Maverick and his wife Michelle have continued to provide the comedy in this 24/7 title saga, becoming two of the most prominent individuals in the picture for the title along with R-Truth and his sidekick Carmella.

Maverick, who came from Impact Wrestling, has pretty much found his footing lately and the addition of his wife Renee Michelle has been a big positive to the never-ending 24/7 title chase.

Maria Kanellis, who on Raw became the first-ever pregnant champion, invited anyone to go to her OBGYN appointment if they want to take a shot at pinning her while she has her legs up and open. Maverick, in a tweet, wrote that he has no shame, no remorse, and no fear, but he will pin a pregnant woman to become the WWE 24/7 champion again.

The running storyline is that Maverick and his wife have not consummated their marriage yet because he’s so obsessed about regaining the title. “Oh! So you’ll get on top of a pregnant woman for 3 seconds – BUT NOT YOUR WIFE??” she replied in a tweet of her own.

While the angles and storyline have been somewhat ridiculous, the chase for the 24/7 title has been one of the most hilarious thing on WWE television lately and the numbers on YouTube don’t lie either. WWE video clips involving the 24/7 title have been the most-watched on WWE’s YouTube channel apart from the major storyline angles.

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