Johnny Impact and LAX Updates: Impact, AEW, & WWE All Options

Jul 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

The WON has new details on LAX and Johnny Impact’s next steps now that they are essentially finished with Impact Wrestling. As reported earlier this week, both LAX and Impact are leaving the company, with Impact already done with his contract. LAX is still under contract until August, but are expected to leave afterward.

According to the Newsletter, there are people in WWE who believe that LAX will likely start up with them in September, but most close to the matter expect that the team will sign with AEW. The two would have more freedom and be featured stars in AEW, where their style will be a better fit. In addition, Konnan has been a major part of their act and there is at least a chance that he could continue in that role in AEW. WWE would likely start them in NXT and there is almost no chance Konnan would be brought in. In addition, while they would make more money if they made it to the top of WWE, AEW will pay them more than WWE would to put them in NXT.

As for Impact, aka John Hennigan, he’s older at 39 but is still able to work an athletic style. As of a few months ago, he still considered his acting work to be his primary job and the wrestling work just paid the bills so he could make a name for himself in acting. He would be able to do that in AEW with the more limited schedule there, and WWE would have to approve any outside work he wanted to do. That said, he is still not leaning in either direction according to the latest word. Hennigan is of course known for his run in WWE as John Morrison, where he worked from 2002 (in developmental) through 2011.

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