Trish Stratus on Melina: “There was nothing, there was no heat ever”

Jun 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

Trish Stratus made a guest appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast and recalled John Morrison’s infamous cold shoulder to her at WrestleMania 27. Stratus related a story about how she didn’t really talk with Melina for years over the incident (Morrison and Melina were dating at the time) until recently, and how they’ve made up since.

The incident happened at WrestleMania when, after winning a six-person tag team match along with Jersey Shore star Snooki, Stratus went to raise Morrison’s hand. However, he pointedly ignored her and walked to the other side of Snooki. He then proceeded to do the same thing in a tag match with Stratus against Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero the next night on Raw. Highlights plus the podcast are below:

On her immediate reaction to the incident itself: “Melina and I for years, I mean, so there’s an internet thing. There’s the famous Trish Stratus/John Morrison incident where he gave me — it’s called the famous cold shoulder incident. It was from Raw, actually. So we had the WrestleMania match with Snooki and LayCool and Dolph Ziggler. And I guess it was on Raw, we won the match, we were raising our hands. And I went to go raise his hand and he like, threw my hand off or gave me the brush[off] and went on the other side of Snooki. I was like, ‘Okay, that was on live television.’ And that was a big thing.”

On her argument with Morrison afterward: “We had a little conversation in the back. It wasn’t a little conversation actually, it was the first time I actually, like we were passionately talking about it. But basically I was like, ‘You just stole a moment from a performance. Whatever you feel about me, maybe you think you’re not cool with me. Which is fine, I don’t mind but we’re performing and tonight we’re partners, and the crowd was excited about us as a team, as a partnership. And you’ve taken that moment from the fans. And it’s like, for what, right? You can wait five seconds later, I’m gone tomorrow.’ And he went into this whole thing, and said, ‘Well you’ve taken a spot from another superstar by being here.’ And I was like, ‘Nope. I have not taken a spot from someone. I was assigned this spot. I’m on this show called Tough Enough that airs after this [Raw], and they brought me back for that.’ So it kinda got a lot of big buzz. And then eventually, he got released and everyone thought it was because of that incident. But who knows, whatever.”

On it affecting her relationship with Melina: “But a lot of it, there was this backstory that Melina and I, that he had said I had taken her [spot]. He was mad, because she was his girlfriend and I was taking her spot. And she really had nothing to do about it. So we’ve had this weird kind of, we haven’t talked for years. And we were fine before this incident, and we would chat here and there, and then we just didn’t talk. So I thought, ‘Wow, I don’t know if it’s related.’ Never chatted with her, she never talked to me and it was just this quiet thing, and life goes on. Next thing you know five years have gone by, six years have gone by. And then we’ve reached out a couple of times on Twitter, we’d DMd each other here and there. And then I think we just, when this group [text among the women who knew Ashley Massaro] thing came, we just said, ‘This is a chance for us to chat.’ And we finally connected and we had a really wonderful conversation. The bottom line was, ‘Hey, we’re cool, right?’ ‘Yeah.’ There was nothing, there was no heat ever.”

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