Marty Jannetty Posts a Cry for Help – Says He Needs to Get Off Drugs and Alcohol

Jun 8, 2019 - by James Walsh

Marty Jannetty says that he’s in trouble with drugs and alcohol again and needs to stop, but doesn’t want do to rehab. Jannetty posted to Twitter earlier in the week noting that he’s been “partying WAY too much lately,” indicating that he’s been doing so since WrestleMania 35 which was two months ago. Jannetty alluded to drinking, smoking pot and doing cocaine, saying that he has been going through withdrawals and has embarrassed himself at public appearances.

Jannetty went on to say that while he does need to stop, he won’t do rehab as he’s done rehab twice. The first time was for drugs and alcohol and he says he “ended up roughing up one of the councilors for being a dick to a sweet young 19 year old boy who was trying hard.” The second was for sex addiction and he ended up getting sexually involved with her. He added that he is having heart issues and “will stop,” but is trying to wean his way off so it’s not dangerous for him.

Jannetty later said that he had to cancel a public appearance at a minor league baseball game due to his sister having a medical emergency. You can see both Facebook posts below.

Jannetty has had a history of issues with substance abuse. He was reportedly kicked out of bars during WrestleMania 32 week and has admitted to abuse issues during his time in WWE in the 1990s.

Tonight’s baseball game, was gonna be throwing first pitch..not gonna sister Diane is in ICU, she just went through something a week ago, this is a by-product of it..please pray for her, even though she feels she’ll be ok..not leaving today..I just lost a sister a couple maybe 3 weeks ago, not gonna be gone away this time till I know for sure..many of you know Diane,, not gonna say whats been happening with her lately, thats up to her if she wants yall to know..but..if things go right, I’ll be at the other shows..besides that, I heard tonights game might get rained out..but that dont matter, my sister comes first..please pray..

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