Drew McIntyre Says He Was Knocked Unconscious During the 2010 Money in the Bank Match

May 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

Vicente Beltran recently interviewed WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre ahead of this year’s Money in the Bank event. Below are some highlights.

Drew McIntyre on his memories from the Money in the Bank match at the inaugural 2010 event: “Being unconscious. I was lying on the table when Kofi came off the ladder and landed on me. He landed on my chest and slid through, onto my head. I remember waking up, wondering why thousands of people were in my bedroom. And I was shaking the cobwebs off and eventually shouting, the referee starts going over to me to figure out what’s going on. I quickly got my bearings and remembered I was in a Money in the Bank ladder match. But that was my first thought, ‘Why is everybody in my bedroom?’”

McIntyre on what sets him apart from the other competitors this year: “It’s my journey that makes me different from everybody else. Not many people grew up in WWE. I was signed at 21 and then left. Most people did the independents then came to WWE. I kind of did it the other way around where I was with WWE for years, learned WWE’s kind of way. I had been around so many legends in the business, learning, then I left and applied all those lessons and then returned after succeeding outside of the company and returned and started succeeding in the company, as I’ve been through every experience and situation you could possibly go through in this industry. I’m still 33 years old. Everybody thinks I’m in my early 40s because I’ve been around for so long. Just the experiences and situations I’ve been through set me apart from everyone else because not many people who could say that.”

Drew McIntyre on the relevance on European wrestling: “It just amazes me how far its come because it didn’t exist when I started. It was very like All-Star Wrestling was the only full-time company, and there was maybe two independent companies that were fairly successful at the time. And I say successful, I mean like got 100 people and the big show got like 1000 people. So just to watch how far its come, to be part of the infant stages of the modern-day wrestling scene, to see it evolve into the monster it is today with WWE, it just keeps growing, it’s unbelievable.”

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