Sting Calls His Feud With Vampiro A ‘Bomb of All Bombs’

May 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

During a recent appearance at AwesomeCon, spoke about his feud with Vampiro in WCW in 2000, which he said failed because the two of them just didn’t have any chemistry with each other. Here are highlights:

On his matches with Cactus Jack: “Cactus was a fun guy to work with. He was a great personality outside of the ring as well. Talk about somebody who sacrificed his body – I mean I have stories about him. In Germany, against Vader… I have stories about him in Atlanta with me. Some of the things that he did and hearing the sound of his body and his flesh hitting the pavement from I don’t know how many feet, I mean just ridiculous! I was in Germany by the way when he wrestled Vader and you could see him wrestling and you could see the end of the match. You can see blood coming off the side of Mick’s head. He thought he got busted open somehow and no big deal but the next thing you know a ring announcer comes walking into the dressing room with half of an ear or three-quarters of an ear in his hands. The thing is I have my ears. And I went yep…That’s an ear! It was Cactus Jack’s! I mean he came back in the dressing room and said something like, ‘BANG BANG’ and that was it. I think he wanted to have that thing preserved somehow in some kind of liquid. They didn’t want to let him do it. A lot of fun working with Cactus. I loved his creativity. His willingness to just try stuff and do something different, step out of the box.”

On his feud with Vampiro: “I just couldn’t make that thing clear. I just could not figure out a way, and I was giving him permission to step over the line and do things that I wouldn’t allow anyone else to do over the years. I told him I to call me by my real name… see if that’ll get through. See if it’ll create something. Nothing. There was no chemistry there whatsoever, I mean nothing. It was just a bomb. A bomb of all bombs.”

On working with Abyss: “I loved working with Abyss. I mean the casket match and some other stuff – I still see him three or four times a year. I just saw him at Wrestlemania [35]. He’s working with [WWE] now and doing a good job for them. I loved those matches with him and every time he sees me he says: ‘Sting, the best matches I ever had were against you.’ Wow, That’s a big compliment!”

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